It is About Time You Add Detroit to Your Route

It is About Time You Add Detroit to Your Route

Detroit, known for embracing its peaks and falls throughout the decades, is somewhat similar to the mythological creature Pheonix. The Motor City has reinvented itself cyclically, which has helped to shape it into the edgy, raw and exhilarating destination it is today.

Detroit skyline

For almost four decades Detroit was suffering. Even now the city hasn't fully recovered. The most visible changes are primarily concentrated in the Downtown and Midtown areas, taking various shapes and forms, including new cultural institutions, interesting developments, as well as the transformation of entire neighbourhoods.

Streets of Detroit

Street art in Detroit

So now you might be thinking that if there are plenty of places to visit and fun things to do in Detroit, how does one narrow down the list? One tried and tested way is by getting your sightseeing arranged by local Detroiters themselves. Insiders like Rose, Shana, Taylor and Lisa are ready to show off their version of the city they admire most. Here’s a glimpse of a city tour in Detroit with a Showaround local.

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If you’re into arranging travel itinerary around the United States yourself, good ol’ Google is always here to help. But let us first provide you with a few suggestions for Detroit to make your research less time-consuming.

Visit Detroit website is a comprehensive resource and a good place to start when contemplating what to do in Detroit. Among the many spots, Brush Park district and Bella Isle Park are two sights for history and architecture buffs, as well as outdoor and greenery enthusiasts.

Dining and trying dishes

To get to know a city well, trying out prevalent food has to be part of the experience. And Detroit has many options on offer to satisfy your inner foodie. While exploring the city, try some of its iconic dishes such as sweet potato pie, Coney Island hotdog or square pizza. For more of a fine dining experience, check out San Morello, a dazzling mid-century contemporary eatery, or Marrow, a restaurant and a butcher shop offering a seasonally-varied menu.

View of Detroit

These places are just a few hand-picked recommendations. A city as complex and rich in history as Detroit has a story to share about every street you amble down and every person you meet. See the city through a local’s eyes and fall into an utterly unique experience.