Meet a top Showaround local - Iga from Warsaw

Meet a top Showaround local - Iga from Warsaw

1. To start with, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Iga Jarzebkowska, 30 years old. I'm a tour guide around the city of Warsaw and I’ve been doing it since 2016. I am energetic, always on the move and pretty bubbly. I am passionate about dancing (salsa mostly) and this year I’ve got my license to be a Zumba instructor. I fluently speak 2 foreign languages - English and Spanish and I would actually like to learn Portuguese.

Image by Iga

2. Tell us about your favorite place in Warsaw. What is special about it?

My favorite place in Warsaw is Krasinski Garden - one of the public places that is not so known amongst people but it’s extremely beautiful, peaceful and aesthetic. I like walking through it as it gives me special vibes no matter the season.

Image by Maksym Harbar

3. What’s one thing that visitors can find surprising when coming to Warsaw for the first time?

When it comes to surprises there are plenty of them in Warsaw but I hear over and over that our guests are surprised by how incredibly modern and clean it is. People expect post communist city and meanwhile it’s one of the most modern city in entire Europe. So many skyscrapers, so many new and modern buildings and so many places to go!

Image by Skitterphoto

4. If you had to choose a song that gives off the vibe of Warsaw, what song would it be?

Weekend Vibe by Jubel. The city can be super calm and weekend-vibe-like.

5. What’s the one place that you would definitely recommend every traveler to check out? (Perhaps a relatively unknown spot that you think is underrated and deserves more attention?)

Museum of Polish Vodka - one of the few places for visitors that doesn't really focus on history of Second World War and explains the topic that’s treated in pretty sarcastic and nonchalant way.

6. On the other hand, is there a popular tourist place that you would actually recommend travelers to skip?

Viewing platform at Palace of Culture and Science. Yeah, it’s great to see the city from the top of it but the queues are way too long to see it.

Image by Iga

7. Finish these sentences about Warsaw:

- I’ve had the tastiest coffee in Mała Sicilia.

- The best place to grab lunch is at Ciao Napoli.

- On weekends I love spending my time at either in La Playa, Zamieszanie bar or Browary Warszawskie.

- The best spot for pictures/selfies would be the Selfie Museum. The best place for photos - the backyard of R0yal Castle.

- If I wanted to relax, I would go to Lazienki Park on Sunday to listen to open-air Chopin Concert.

- The best time to visit Warsaw is from May - September and in December due to Christmas vibes and Christmas market in the old town market square.

Image by Elijah G

8. How did you discover Showaround?

I have discovered Showaround as it appeared in my recommendations on Instagram or Facebook.

Image by Iga

9. Tell us about your best Showaround experience.

I have had one of the best Showaround experiences with a group of Norwegians. They came here in December and wanted a quick showaround. It was cold but they acted like if it was spring time. We ended up partying entire night together!

Image by Iga

10. Do you have any tips for other locals who are just starting out?

If you want to showaround make sure that you give something special to your guests. It can be knowledge of the city and it’s history, it can be your passion for restaurants, etc. Just make sure that you’re not a mediocre one - the more you’ll be associated with being an ambassador of the city, the better!

Image by Iga

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