Why We Love San Francisco

Why We Love San Francisco

In today’s blog, our Showarounder Marisa is representing a destination that we rarely talk about, but it has so much to offer and be proud of. Any guesses what the place could be?

I'll give you a few hints. Within a few hours drive, you can see the desert, mountains, and you can also enjoy the beach. It has a lovely year-round climate, and it's the ultimate place to be for a tech person or a wine enthusiast.

Yacht harbour in San Francisco

A scenic view of San Francisco

Yes, it's San Francisco!

Cable car in San Francisco

This week's Featured Local is Marisa. She spends her days exploring all the city has to offer. From hiking and visiting parks, to wine tasting though Napa Valley, and trying every brunch restaurant possible.

Showaround local Marisa from San Francisco

That said, if you like beautiful beaches, never-ending cultural events and wine tastings, you'll enjoy this city immensely.