What is Showaround?

What is Showaround?

Sometimes organising a trip is not easy, especially when there's so much to see and so little time to plan. Once you have chosen the destination, then it's time to answer the three W's – where, when and what – and let's not forget about the H – how much you're willing to spend. First off, choosing an affordable hotel, booking flights, as well as prioritising the local sights and attractions can be a daunting task in itself, but planning a trip shouldn't cause a week's worth of stress, it should be enjoyable and effortless more than anything else.

That's where Showaround steps in. We won't book a hotel room for you, but we will help you to experience a new place like a local, especially if you've never been there before. If there's one thing that is certain to give you a deeper insight into a new city, it's discovering it through the eyes of a local. Showaround helps you to find a local who can show you the things you are interested in, but wouldn’t otherwise know about – the things that aren’t always in the guidebooks.

We aspire to change the concept of travelling by making it more authentic, more local.

We have over 60,000 locals in more than 8000 cities worldwide, so finding a friend to show you around has never been easier.

One still might ask, ‘Why should I use Showaround when there are so many other websites and information available out there?’ Well, here’s a list of reasons why:

It’s pretty much effortless

Illustrated Showaround Local's profile

You don’t have to do all that research or planning before your trip, you can leave it up to your Showaround local. Just set up an account, enter a destination in the search bar and you’ll be shown a list of locals available in the area. The profiles of the locals advertise their knowledge, background and what types of city tours they can offer. You can also narrow down your search by using the advanced filters. Then simply select a local and click, ‘Contact’. Once that’s done, you can then select the date, meeting time and duration, as well as add comments about your expectations and interests for the tour.

Tip: Contact more than one local, in case your first choice is not available during your visit.

Tailored specifically for you

Once the booking request is sent, you just have to wait until the local accepts it and provides you with some satisfactory ideas for your tour – now the fun part begins! You can get into the details and pick and choose what spots you’d like to visit because tours can be uniquely tailored to suit a traveller’s needs and preferences. Skip the tourist traps and spend time visiting the sights that truly interest you – whether it’s an art gallery opening or a flea market, or just sipping Champagne on a terrace somewhere.

Really flexible

When you’re planning a trip with a local, sightseeing becomes more flexible and spontaneous, as opposed to formal tours and overly-planned 24/7 packaged itineraries. With Showaround locals, you can take a turn at any narrow street, café or shop that catches your eye, giving you the option to make on-the-spot decisions and enjoy whatever comes your way, safe in knowing that you can still be accompanied and shown the best spots.

Save your time when using the app

Showaround has an online version and an Android as well as iOS app – both are real timesavers. You can not only search for locals according to their destinations, but if you’re already travelling, it can suggest locals that are nearby. So if you were on a business trip and you had a few hours spare before a meeting or conference, or you’re with a group of friends visiting a city abroad for the weekend, why not get an insider to show you around? Showaround locals also know the best deals and times, alternative routes and how to cut around that never-ending line of tourists – so you’re never more than a few clicks away from simplicity.

More than one person? Not a problem

Showaround tours are not limited to one person; you can also invite a friend or more. Just let your local host know if you plan to come by yourself or in a group – there are no extra fees. We believe that exploring a city with friends is twice as much fun!

Outside-the-box experience

A Showaround tour with a local is an outside-the-box experience because you will be able to see and do the things that aren’t in the typical tourist guidebooks. The concept is designed for those travellers who are tired of touristy places and who want to discover cities from a different and fresh perspective. That’s why you won’t find a similar tour anywhere else – every time it will be new and unpredictable.

Make international friends

Illustrated Showaround Map

The service itself is unique because it involves actual social encounters, and that’s why it’s an excellent way to make international friends. Since you can read a local’s profile and talk with them before hand, you’re guaranteed the chance to meet a like-minded person who shares similar opinions, activities and interests. Imagine what it would be like to have a friend in every city you ever travel to?

Affordable and secure

Showaround is affordable and secure. Locals set their own hourly rates that are visible on their profiles – some locals are so madly in love with their cities that they are ready to show you around for free! Most payments are done through the platform itself, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of money transfers, or alternatively, you can pay in cash directly. There is also a money-back guarantee, so if you make a payment through our platform and then your flight is cancelled or delayed, and you cannot make it to your tour, you will receive a 100% refund.

Ultimately, Showaround is about ordinary people being given the chance to share with visitors what they love most about their city, and often creating some extraordinary experiences in the process. It also helps you understand about local life on an entirely different level.

Getting to know the locals makes you feel almost like you’re at home wherever you are. They change the way you see the city because when you stay with other tourists, you only ever scratch the surface and never really get a chance to see what’s really there – the local people and their culture, daily life, traditions and history.

When you meet new local people with a passion for their city, it’s contagious. Don’t miss out on the things you really want to see, explore with like-minded people the city you never knew was there.