Vienna: The Capital of Awesome

Vienna: The Capital of Awesome

Vienna has so many awards and titles, we don't know where to start. It's the capital for Apfelstrudel, Marzipan and coffeehouses, it's number one for the highest quality of life, it's the city of music, and as Freud would say, it's also the city of dreams. Like that wouldn't be enough, in Vienna you also have Madame Tussauds – the famous museum of waxworks – the Viennese State Opera and Danube Island.

A beutiful view of Vienna

Not only does Vienna have a lot to show, but so do the Viennese. This week's Featured Local is Sofie, a political science and comparative literature student who moved to Vienna three years ago. When visiting Austria's capital, Sofie will show you first-rate alternative music gigs, the latest things happening in the world of art and the local fashion scene.

A river in Vienna
Maurizio Biso©

Perhaps you're wondering what a tour with Sofie would be like? Well according to her, "The tour will be totally adapted to your needs. Just tell me what you are into two or three days before and I'll make the perfect route and provide some alternatives."