Vacation Plans Cancelled? Here’s How to Plan a Staycation Instead

Vacation Plans Cancelled? Here’s How to Plan a Staycation Instead

The COVID-19 pandemic has put wanderlust on hold, with travel and tourism effectively grinding to a halt across much of the world. The new mandates that require us to socially distance ourselves, self-isolate or quarantine are leaving many would-be travellers stuck at in their home city with their travel plans in disarray.

With a little creativity, however, you can bring the fun of a staycation right into your own home. Here’s how:

Take a virtual tour

Many of the world’s top museums, zoos and even theme parks are conducting virtual tours, giving you the chance to visit without having to leave your couch. Take a ‘walk’ through the Louvre, the British Museum or the Metropolitan Museum of Art; check out San Diego Zoo’s live cams; or jump on a virtual tour of LEGOLAND Florida Resort or even Walt Disney World. This is a great option if you’re stuck at home with the kids. The bonus? No queues and a big saving on entry fees!

Support local businesses

There are a lot of small businesses that are really doing it tough now. To help keep them afloat (and ensure that they’ll still be here when all of this ends), consider supporting them in any way you can.

Remember, these are exactly the kinds of businesses that you’d support when travelling anyway. Things like buying a gift voucher, making online purchases and tipping more than usual really helps. This is the time to be generous.

Let scent transport you

From the smell of your grandmother’s cooking to your first love’s perfume, it’s amazing how scent can instantly take us to a different time and place. Invest in some essential oils or candles and use fragrance to transport you away.

Think about the smells you’d expect on vacation–perhaps gardenia, frangipani and vanilla for somewhere warm or pine, cedar and sandalwood for a cooler destination. Fill your home with these smells and escape.

Consider a camping trip

If you aren’t confined to your home, a camping trip could be a great way to relax and escape. Find a campsite away from others and get some exercise on nearby hiking trails.

The combination of nature, fresh air and movement will do wonders for your physical and mental health. Be sure to research the location before you leave home, however, as some national parks have now closed to visitors.

Be present

Have you ever noticed that while on vacation, you lose track of time? Instead of staring at screens or the clock, you live completely in the moment. Try to replicate this beautiful aspect of travel while on your staycation at home.

Disconnect from social media and hide your phone in another room along with the TV remote and any watches or clocks you might have. Just like when you go on holiday, activate an auto-responder for your email and stop watching the news for a few days. You’ll be surprised how recharging this can be.

This guest post was written by Rachel Bale.