Top domestic travel bloggers around the world

Top domestic travel bloggers around the world

Traveling is more than just seeing the most popular places of interest in a country. It also involves delving into new cultures and experiences, as well as learning what there is to know from the local populace, among other things.

With the rise of blogging as a platform for people to engage with others, it’s not surprising that traveling has become one of the most followed and written about topics.

Everyone loves to travel, so it’s natural that there’s huge interest in what others have to say about countries we fancy visiting ourselves.

And who’s the better choice for this learning experience than travel bloggers? People who are not only keen travelers but can provide an honest and engaging outlook about their visits?

In this article we’ve collected a list of people that we believe to be some of the best travel bloggers from all around the globe from each country.

Whether you’re looking for someone new to follow or planning to go to a certain country, we believe that these bloggers will not disappoint!

If you're looking for some company for the places you plan to visit be sure to check out our local tour guides for the are as well.

Monica Stott (Wales)

A keen traveler looking to help you get the most for your money when traveling either locally or abroad, Monica has been an active blogger since 2009.

For her, writing about her experiences is more than just stating the facts, but rather encapsulating the moment and inspiring others to travel as well. This, as she mentioned, is the main reason why she continues to write.

On her blog and social media platforms she shares many gems of advice on having the best budget friendly travels to other countries as well shorter local trips.

For the family person, they might also fancy a section in Monica’s blog as she shares her honest perspective traveling while being a mother of 3 children.

Whether a traveler or simply a curious reader, you’ll find Monica interesting and engaging.

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Emily Luxton (Great Britain)

With over 50 countries to her name, Emily is sure to provide the reader with not only honest insight about the experiences she had, but many practical tips, particularly aimed at solo female travelers looking for new adventures.

Since the time she started her first blogs in 2012, the blogger managed to not only accustom an active reader audience, win a number of awards but also contribute to a few major travel books.

In her blog, one can find her personal perspectives and useful guides from her travels in the UK, as well as other countries in Europe and across the world.

If you’re a foodie, you’re in luck, since a major part of Emily’s blog is dedicated to the best drinks and foods from various destinations.

With a goal of inspiring others, her blog will leave you planning your own adventures in no time!

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Sarah Slattery (Ireland)

Being a blogger for more than 7 years while also having almost 25 years experience as a travel agent, Sarah has every right to call herself the “Travel Expert”.

This title is referenced in her blog name as well, where she shares useful tips regarding Irish as well other worldwide travel.

On her blog, one can find in-depth reviews, guides and recommendations about where to eat, what to do and what to see when traveling to your country of interest.

Whether it’s Europe, Asia or The Americas that you’re interested in, we’re sure that you’ll find everything you want to know about your destination on Sarah’s blog.

Also, since many of us nowadays stay in AirBNBs while traveling, there’s a specific blog section dedicated to the most interesting and flexible places to stay at, regardless of your destination.

Whether you want to visit Ireland or any other country in the world, we’re sure that Sarah’s passion and dedication for travel will inspire you to begin your own journeys!

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Emily McAuliffe (Portugal)

Few other bloggers could share such an inspiring story of her beginnings as Emily from PortugalWire. Originally from Australia, this freelance writer and photographer discovered her love of travel writing after moving to Portugal.

In the 5 years that she’s been blogging, Emily managed to gather a loyal reader fanbase from all over the world, keen on learning more about the magnificent country and everything it can offer to us.

On her blog, one can find articles dedicated to Portuguese cuisine, places of interest as well as honest reviews about the most popular hotels found in the country.

Regardless of what city you plan to see and visit, be it the capital of Lisbon, Porto or even the island of Madeira, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for!

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Charlotte Noël (Belgium)

Charlotte strongly believes that every one of us can make a positive change to the world if we put our mind to it. One of such is the way we travel and the nature of these habits.

With our planet on the verge of a climate crisis, she was inspired to launch her travel blog “TravelRebel” aimed at educating her readers on being more sustainable and responsible everywhere they go, while still getting the maximum from their adventures.

Readers here will find useful tips and guides on what to visit and see all while considering alternative means of transportation and living while on the road.

Regardless of where you’re planning to go next, be it Asia, Europe, Africa or the Americas, Charlotte’s blog will help you see traveling in a completely new light and encourage you to take positive action towards making the world a better place for all of us.

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Renate Sandvik (Norway)

For Renate, writing was always the perfect way to capture the most important moments of her life.

She strongly believes that most of us live such busy lives that we quite often forget even our favorite experiences in life. And what better way to capture the things we saw and learned than to write about them?

Because of this exact reason, the Norwegian blogger launched her blog “Renates Reiser” in 2014, where she writes in her native Norwegian language.

At first it acted as sort of a travel diary for Renate to share her best travel experiences from all across the world, but eventually became a platform that both inspires and provides advice for those seeking their own adventures.

With more than 100 visited countries under her belt, she continues to write in the same exact style that distinguished her from other bloggers in the first place. Check her out and you won’t be disappointed!

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Rania (Greece)

Writing about travel for more than 6 years, Rania understands perfectly that most of our travel experiences depend on our general outlook and perception.

She believes that even the most mundane of trips can become one of the most rewarding experiences if we know what to look for.

Her blog named “Bachelor of Travel” started back in 2018 and focuses on the same principle - getting the most for ourselves out of the simple things.

For the most part, readers here will find Rania’s experiences as well tips and advice when visiting her native Greece as well as New Zealand - one of the 6 countries she used to live in before becoming a full time freelance and travel writer.

Also, there's an entire section dedicated to learning and things we can do to improve ourselves while gaining new experiences.

If you’re looking for an honest perspective of not only Greece, but some useful travel advice in general, consider Rania’s blog to get the most out of something, the next time you travel!

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In conclusion

Today, we’ve presented some of the best travel bloggers from around the world. Each person on this list provides a different perspective and understanding towards traveling, sharing their unique experiences and advice with their readers.

Whether you're actively searching where to go to, or simply want to follow someone you can read from time to time, consider subscribing and becoming a fan yourself.

We would like to sincerely thank every travel blogger for contributing to this article and sharing their platforms which will hopefully inspire many others.