The Top 3 Undiscovered Destinations That Will Make You Want to Start Packing

The Top 3 Undiscovered Destinations That Will Make You Want to Start Packing

Paris, London, Amsterdam, as well as many other capital cities, are often worshipped among travel blogs, so much so that it sort of feels like you’ve been there, even if you haven’t.

On the one hand, there’s a reason why these destinations attract travellers like a magnet: all of them are stunning locations rich in history. On the other hand, these popular destinations are expensive and predictable and don’t always necessarily deliver the best value for money.

Would you like to travel without breaking the bank and experience that sense of novelty and adventure? These undiscovered destinations offer not only great value in terms of prices for things like hotels, sightseeing and food, but all of them are alternative yet still very safe.

Kyiv, Ukraine

The capital of Ukraine is a great destination to visit all year around. During the winter you can explore the art scene and cuisine, and when it’s summertime, there are plenty of great places to party and enjoy nature. How much fun is Kiev during the warm months? We’ll let the video capturing the moments of Julia’s tour in Kiev do the talking.

Kiev city view

From little wooden, shed-like houses and tiny, rugged alleys to luxurious mansions and shopping malls with high street designer brands, Kiev is one of the great masters of juxtaposition. Aside from the diverse sights, the colour green is everywhere, from gardens and parks to boulevards and urban spaces.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and a city that has received too few compliments in the media, despite being one of the most original and hard-to-describe destinations you’ll ever visit. From an old town that includes historical monuments and fortresses to charming courtyards and legendary public baths, Tbilisi has it all when it comes to worthwhile sights, and as a bonus, it has a lower price tag.

View over the city of Tbilisi

The other big part of the city’s appeal is the people and their wholehearted hospitality as well as the delicious food, which you can taste pretty much on every corner. Of course, like everywhere some of the restaurants and cafés are more interesting than others and deliver tastier menus, for example, the particularly highly recommended eatery Barbarestan. In case you need more reasons to visit the city, you can read our interview with local Elene and her favourite places in Tbilisi.

Budapest, Hungary

Among the top undiscovered destinations, Budapest takes a firm stance as it offers all the opportunities of a large city within a more laid-back atmosphere and with reasonable prices. Interestingly, Budapest has several ‘faces’: one side is known as Buda and Óbuda, and the other one as Pest, and both parts are separated by the Danube river. Taking a Danube cruise is a great way to start your sightseeing, during which you can admire the stunning views that are not available while exploring on foot.

The view over the river of Danube in Budapest

Some of the sights and places that you will want to visit are the Hungarian Parliament building. One of the largest buildings in the country, its impressive size takes a while to adjust to, and capturing it in all of its glory will challenge even the most skilled photographers.

And if you’re only there for a short period of time, try to meet locals while bargaining at the Ecseri flea market or when having a drink at one of the famous shabby-chic ruin bars like Mazel Tov, which is contemporary and upscale but has managed to preserve the typical charm of the traditional ruins nonetheless.