Kiev: a Brief Party-goers' Guide

Kiev: a Brief Party-goers' Guide

The month of December made us think whether the winter season has lost its way to Eastern Europe. We’ve completely forgotten that Christmas is almost here when watching videos from one of our epic summer tours in Kiev.

Showaround Local Elizabeth found the perfect places for you to soak up the sun as well as where to go for a lively night out.

Showaround Local Elizabeth from Kiev

There is always a place to go until the early hours of the morning. In our latest video, you'll see the hotspots of partying: Bacardi Terrace, Decadence House Club, SkyBar, and more.

Elizabeth, just like many of our other tour guides in Kiev is an experienced local, who also works as a professional actress, and runs a company of locally produced foods. She guarantees that the tour with her will not be saturated solely with historical facts.

A square in Kiev

We ended our tour on a more serious note in the Victory Park, exploring the monuments of World War II.

It’s worth taking a walk through the whole stretch of the park, which is nearby Darnytsia subway station. Be ready to walk a lot!