The Countless Faces of Berlin

The Countless Faces of Berlin

Every time you visit Berlin, it has a different face to show. With every visit, there are new places, new parties, new experiences and, of course, new people to meet.

One of the well-known faces of Berlin is the music scene that offers spontaneous live music shows, 24-hour nightlife and big-name gigs. Also, the city has an abundance of options to fill your belly, get caffeine high or go for a pint of Schwarzbier.

A city tour in Berlin with Sara who is a DJ

According to Showaround Berliner Sara, who’s a DJ and electronic music performer living between Panama City and Berlin, “In Berlin you have to really go with the flow. It’s not only about the tower, or the buildings, or the history... it’s also about the history of the people,” said Sara.

An outdoor cafe on a street in Berlin

So, the only way to truly experience this upbeat city is to simply immerse yourself in it. Just allow the flow to sweep you away, whether it’s a techno party, Berlin Canals, a Mexican restaurant or one of the other endless options. Wherever the flow of Berlin takes you, each time it's somewhere new and exciting.

Sara creating music while sitting on the banks of Berlin Canals