The Capital of Scandinavia

The Capital of Scandinavia

Scandinavians like to argue which is the true capital of the Nordic region out of the three cities: Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm – it’s a real tough one to answer! We don’t want to ignite any rivalry here, because all three cities are stunning, committed to sustainability, and are among the top performers in both economic and political arenas, but still, the capital of Sweden is a hard one to beat.

A summer evening in Stockholm

Stockholm’s beautifully preserved old town, with a well-developed sense of style for design and clothing, and the surrounding nature – which is spectacular – could easily charm any traveller. The city is spread across 14 islands joined by over 50 bridges, but even then, it’s still not difficult to orient and explore the city centre on foot or by bike.

Colourful buildings in Stockholm

However, a lot of travellers decide not to visit Stockholm because the prices are very high. There is no way around it, Sweden is an expensive country, and this is one of the many reasons why Suzanne is this week’s featured Showaround local. Being a student, Suzanne knows all about the cheaper places for shopping, nightlife and bars, as well as galleries and museums – so there’s no need to blow all of your travel budget at once. With her Showaround guidance, you can skip the overpriced tourist spots and experience the city from a resident’s perspective.

Showaround Local Suzanne from Stockholm

Don’t forget that spring is the perfect time to visit Stockholm – the days are getting brighter and the weather is getting warmer. Also, it’s a great time to avoid those bigger summer tourist crowds. Book your flights now, pack your bag and experience the very best that the capital of Scandinavia has to offer.