The Baltic Fusion of Modern and Old

The Baltic Fusion of Modern and Old

Travellers are often misled by the impression that the region of Baltic States is still stuck in the past. But things have changed.
Sunset view over Tallinn

All three capital cities have an interesting blend of both modern and old. In particular Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, with over 400,000 people living there. Also, the city is known as the hidden gem and a hot spot for tech startups.

Showaround Local Anastasia posing next to a sculpture

This week's Featured Local is Anastasia, an avid traveller who lives in Tallinn. She has also lived in England, Italy, Portugal, and Canada. Anastasia loves learning languages as well as singing and acting.

Showaround Local Anastasia from Tallinn

“Like you, I love travelling. Having said that, I hate being a tourist. Everywhere I go, I want to experience the place as locals do”, said Anastasia. Meet our Featured Local Anastasia and learn more about local life of Tallinners.