Tel Aviv During Eurovision: How to Get Prepared For it?

Tel Aviv During Eurovision: How to Get Prepared For it?

Even if it’s just a little less than a month away, the hype and impatience around one of the most famous popular music contest in Europe—Eurovision—has been building quite some time now.

This doesn’t come as a surprise though, as this year not only the song contest has attracted a plentitude of must-hear performers, but it’s also located in the trending European hotspot—Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Jerusalem Beach

Some even like to call Tel Aviv the Mediterranean Manhattan due to its pristine beaches stretching for miles along the city and the unforgettable parties lasting for 24 hours (or sometimes even longer).

Due to Eurovision, it seems the coastal city's popularity will be taken to the next level this May. So whether you’re a traveller planning a visit to Tel Aviv, a local showing visitors around or a host renting out your flat, some extra preparation may come in handy.

Where to stay

We’ll assume that you’ve already booked your flights, so let's jump ahead to—the "accommodation" and "where to stay" part. For a first-time visitor, hotels and hostels (depending on your budget) like Lily & Bloom Hotel or Royal Beach, located in the city centre or by the beach, would be the most convenient option. For those who want to feel more of the local pulse, you might want to book shared accommodation or entire apartments via websites like Airbnb.

Rental apartment interior

If you’re a Tel Aviv homeowner, you can use services such as Airsorted to take the stress of planning off your shoulders during Eurovision. As the hassle-free hosting service will take care of listing your property, cleaning services, and guest relations. All while earning you some extra income.

What to see

Endless parties, welcoming residents, stunning beaches and the Eurovision song contest are just a few reasons why Tel Aviv the top destination to visit in 2019.

If you haven’t had the chance to plan your sightseeing just yet, fear not. Below you’ll find a go-to list of 5 places worth exploring during your stay:


Jaffa view in Tel Aviv

Jaffa is one of the oldest ports in the world and home to a countless number of markets, bars and Ottoman-era sights. Stroll through the narrow maze-like streets, pick up a bargain at the Jaffa Flea Market or simply enjoy a romantic evening overlooking the water in one of the many restaurants dotting the seafront.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Art buffs will enjoy what the Museum of Art in Tel Aviv has to offer. From the building itself which is a modern masterpiece by Preston Scott to an extensive collection of artwork by famous names like Picasso, Monet, and Van Gogh. So you might want to book off at least a few hours of your day to admire it all.

Bauhaus Architecture

The city is renowned for its well-kept collection of Bauhaus-style architecture. With over 4,000 of these buildings, Tel Aviv is considered the primary location worldwide for Bauhaus architecture enthusiasts.

Yemenite Quarter

Now let’s talk about food. Absolutely no trip to Tel Aviv would be complete without tasting its culinary delights. And Yemenite Quarter (Kerem Ha-Timanim) is an area that’s worth a visit not only due to its unique low-slung architectural style but also because the neighbourhood is among the best places to try some authentic food.

Street Art

They say graffiti is like a mirror reflecting the local life and its realities. Located in the south of Tel Aviv, Florintin is a great starting point to explore entire streets of various street art and spray-painted creations.

Street art in Tel Aviv

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Locals on the beach in Tel Aviv

And finally, between the masses of people and the sheer number of things to see and do in Tel Aviv, May can be an overwhelming time—but it’s also an experience you don’t want to miss. Even if you’re not going to attend Eurovision, it’s a great time to soak up the festive vibes and enjoy some sun.