So You Say You Know Berlin, huh?

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So You Say You Know Berlin, huh?

Contemporary, artsy, diverse and hedonistic elements unite to create the ultimate destination - Berlin. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, at least in Germany.

The city is known not only among Germans, it has also been a magnet for tourists, expats, musicians, artists, and other creative souls. We all heard about the famous Berlin TV Tower or Berlin Wall Memorial, but only the true locals have the inside knowledge of where Berliners are throwing the best underground techno parties and where to start a gallery crawl to see unique and cutting-edge art.

Our head was literally spinning, when we were trying to decide where to start the first tour in Berlin. It’s because there is so much to tell about this city, its eventful history, and there are so many evocative sights to visit.

And that’s why we asked Mats to shows us around. Where is the best ice cream place in Neukölln? Have you been to community gardens at the airport? What about a secluded rooftop bar at Neukölln Arcaden? For more answers and local insight check out our new video.