The Ultimate One-day Guide to Visiting Copenhagen

The Ultimate One-day Guide to Visiting Copenhagen

This guest post was written by Caroline Sølver.

Showaround: We love travel stories, especially, when they are truly local and authentic experiences from our fellow travellers. Today, we have an exclusive post from our guest blogger Caroline, a Berlin-based twenty-year-old. If you like to discover a city more like a local and less like a tourist, her blog is a good place to start, which is an incredible source of ideas and travel advice. You can follow Caroline on Instagram, Facebook, and don’t forget to check out her work at Silverstories.

Travel blogger Caroline in a balcony in Copenhagen

Many of us know it as the happiest city in the world. And, yes, I am talking about Copenhagen. The beautiful city right by the water, filled with old astonishing buildings, happy people, countless number of bikes, and, of course, a lot of hipster spots to check out.

And the last part leads me to the main topic of my Copenhagen guide. This Copenhagen guide, which is slightly hipster, focuses on where people should go to get the absolute best of the happy city - the creme de la creme, so to say - whether they are first-timers in the capital of Denmark or they have been there before.

Bird's eye view of Copenhagen

I have found my personal favorite things to do in my hometown and smartly enough, they are the perfect mix of good food, enjoyment, and cultural inputs. What more can one ask when travelling to a European city? If one doesn’t have a lot of time in Copenhagen, these six must do and see’s in Copenhagen can be done in this order and only in one day. Let's, get started!

Start your day with a delicious brunch

a brunch plate with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages
The latest food trend in Copenhagen is what I would like to call “build your own brunch.” When entering a cafe and sitting down, you get a menu card and a pen, and then the next step is to cross off what you want on your brunch plate. There is a vast selection: from the classic savory brunch options such as scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, to healthy granola and yogurt, grapefruits, and on the more sweet side it offers homemade cinnamon buns, waffles or pancakes. In most of the brunch cafes that serve this “build your own brunch”, you can opt for either 3, 5 or 7 little dishes, depending on how hungry you are. Accompanied by a coffee or fresh juice, this is the brunch that will give you a real “kick off” so that you have enough energy to explore Copenhagen.

The best brunch spots: Mad og Kaffe (Vesterbro), Møller Kaffe og Køkken (Nørrebro), Café Tænk (Nørrebro) or Wulff & Konstali (Amager)

Havnebussen - Copenhagen by the water

Havnebussen in Copenhagen
It is a fact that there is a lot of water in Copenhagen. The city is located right by the ocean which means that there is a great deal of culture to be seen by the water. Therefore, a boat tour is a great idea, but these tend to be quite pricey. However, there is a solution to this! Hop on “havnebussen”, which literally translates to a harbour bus or a sailing bus. On the bus, you will get to see most of the main tourist attractions such as the Amalienborg Castle where the Queen of Denmark lives, the Opera house and Nyhavn, one of the most photographed places in Copenhagen, and a total must-see. And best of it all? A ticket is only 24 kroner (approximately 3,5 euros).

Christiania - the Freetown of Copenhagen

A colourful house in Christiania
I am sure you all know this place. The Freetown called Christiania, a kind of lawless zone where weed is sold pretty much in the open and where free people and hippies live wild and free in cool houses built by themselves. But Christiania is much more than that. Take a walk around the whole Freetown which is actually a big area, walk down by the lake and take a look at the original houses and chill by one of the nice cafés during your a coffee break, for example, at Månefiskeren, and that translates to “the moon fisher”. Cute, right?

Vesterbro - the hipster neighborhood of Copenhagen

I read once that Vesterbro was the third best hipster area in the world, only beaten by Kreuzberg in Berlin and Williamsburg in New York City, so there must be something to it! Vesterbro is filled with good shopping, little independent stores selling great stuff from interior accessories made by local designers to clothing, and it also has some great little coffee bars.

Visit: Værnedamsvej (which is on the border to Frederiksberg, a posher but still very nice neighborhood), Enghave Plads and Istedgade and just get lost in the area. The funny part about Vesterbro is, like any other cool neighborhood, that it used to be a rather dangerous area with a lot of prostitution and drugs, so being what it is today - the place to be to experience the authentic Copenhagen!

Kødbyen - meatpacking district of Copenhagen

You’ve walked around the whole city, seen a lot, and now you are most likely hungry again. It is dinner time! There is no better place for this than the meatpacking district in Copenhagen. It is also located in Vesterbro, and there is absolutely no cooler place to be at night time in Copenhagen. The area has a vast selection of great restaurants from fine dining to fast food places.

My favorites are: Gorilla (creative, Scandinavian style and budget friendly fine dining), Kødbyens Fiskebar or Fleisch. For more fast restaurants opt for Tommi’s Burger Joint, Bollyfood or Mother. When it is time to go out for drinks and maybe a little party, Kødbyen is also the place to be with clubs like Jolene and Bakken.

With these tips - where to go, what to see, what to eat and what to do - I can assure that you'll have one day full of delicious food and fun in Copenhagen! I wish you a great trip <3