Showaround: Top 10 Locals in Bucharest

Showaround: Top 10 Locals in Bucharest

Bucharest is the type of destination that often goes unnoticed by globetrotters, even though the city is alive with cultural treasures and historic haunts. The impressive building of the Palace of the Parliament, the splendid Romanian Athenaeum and the beautiful Cişmigiu garden are just a few attractions well-worth your time.

Bucharest City View

Beyond these popular sights, Bucharest persuades visitors to stay a little longer with its emerging and vibrant scenes of food, art and partying. Unless you know someone local, finding trending hotspots might be a bit more of a challenge.

On Showaround, you can meet locals based in Bucharest who’ll help you organise your trip, as well as suggesting best places to stay, eat and visit.

1. Ruxandra

Local Ruxandra from Bucharest

2. Luana-Maria

Luana-Maria local from Bucharest

3. Corina

Corina Showaround local from Bucharest


Showaround local Silvia from Bucharest

5. Andrei

Local Andrei from Bucharest Romania

6. Olivia

Local Olivia Bucharest

7. Alina

Local Alina from Bucharest

8. Manuela

Local Manuela from Bucharest

9. Carla

Local Carla from Bucharest

10. Andrei

Andrei from Bucharest