Scottsdale: a Vibrant and Sun-drenched Oasis

Scottsdale: a Vibrant and Sun-drenched Oasis

The United States is an unbelievably diverse country in terms of both scenery and people. On the same note, a trip there requires more time, especially if you want to do a cross-country trip. So it’s a good idea to start by choosing 2-3 locations and experience them immersively, instead of having a see-it-all approach. Every state has something unique to it, but some of them seem to tick off all the boxes on any traveller's list.

Buildings in Scottsdale

This week our top pick is Scottsdale, located in Arizona, which is a vibrant and sun-drenched oasis surrounded by enchanting natural scenery, with a surplus of must-see attractions. With a population of just over 200,000 people, you'd be surprised how much the city has to offer. Whether you’re into exploring the geological landscape and culture, or you want to enjoy more modern activities such as playing golf and experiencing the finest nightlife; Scottsdale has an excellent combination of it all.

Nature in Scottsdale

The city is also home to featured Showaround Local Alexia, who was born and raised in the greater Phoenix area. She’s not only familiar with Scottsdale, but also Phoenix, Tempe and Cave Creek too. According to the Showaround local, the perfect tour is all about getting to know the traveller beforehand and what his or her interests and passions are, especially when Phoenix and Scottsdale are both filled to the brim with exciting things to do and see.

The city view of Scottsdale

One will never find Alexia bored since she’s always full of ideas and energy and so she’s eager to share her favourite hidden gems with visitors. “It's impossible to go hungry when you’re in the area - it’s a paradise for a foodie, where you can also find great craft beer and wine culture, as well as art galleries, historic areas, nature preserves and hiking trails, lush gardens, and activities galore!”, says Alexia.

Showaround Local Alexia form Scottsdale

She also made a promise to personalize every tour and suggest a list of recommendations upon completion, so you will know what the best places to visit are, even after you're done with the tour!