Current COVID-19 restrictions in Ukraine

Current COVID-19 restrictions in Ukraine

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us globally and Ukraine is no exception. A nationwide lockdown, quarantine measures and various restrictions have remained imposed to this day.

For those of us that enjoy traveling abroad during the holidays the current situation worldwide has been quite harsh, since we had to give up on many of our plans.

However, many countries including Ukraine have eased their restrictions for travelers from abroad during the summer, as there are fewer COVID cases and vaccination efforts are more successful.

Still, there are some important things regarding the restrictions that every visitor of Ukraine should know about.

Just remember that if you’re planning to visit the capital city and are interested in Kiev tour guides for hire, beware that both parties have to follow the standard safety protocols.

Main coronavirus restrictions imposed in Ukraine as of August 2021

Air travel

During peak periods of the pandemic air travel was completely stopped in the country.

However, quite recently air traffic in Ukraine has been once again renewed, so there won’t be any problems for visitors.

Public transportation

All passengers of public transportation are mandated to wear face masks regardless of type or travel destination.

By the way, the number of passengers allowed is limited to the number of seats.

Metro system

Mandatory face masks are required here as well.

Metro passengers are required to keep a safe distance from each other while waiting for the train, aboard and on escalators.

Intercity travel

Intercity travel is allowed while maintaining appropriate safety precautions.

If one is traveling to regions with a high infection rate, only 10 passengers can travel at the same time.

Shops, petrol stations, pharmacies, banks, etc.

Important institutions like banks, food shops and pharmacies follow standard procedure.

Normal operation is allowed, however, all visitors must wear mandatory masks at the premises at all times.

Restaurants and cafes

Specific restrictions for cafes and restaurants depend on the region since local authorities handle the safety procedures.

Places that have open terraces are allowed to do business everywhere.

Gyms and other sport clubs

Visits to sport clubs and gyms in the country are limited in terms of space.

Businesses are required to ensure at least 10 square meters of space for an individual and 5 square meters for each member participating in a group workout.

Also, no more than 10 individuals are allowed for a single group workout.

Public events, concerts, etc.

Only religious events and excursions are currently allowed.

In terms of group events, only 50 participants are allowed at the same time, whereas churches have to ensure at least 5 square meters of space for each individual as well as a safe 1.5 meters distance.

Medical institutions

Medical institution operation is limited as well. Medical care is allowed in terms of an emergency, risk of life, oncological diseases as well situations like childbirth, etc.

All in all

Today, we’ve described the main restrictions you should know about as a traveler in Kiev or other parts of Ukraine. Remember to always stay safe and sound in your travels!