5 Restaurants in Kiev you have to check out

5 Restaurants in Kiev you have to check out

Few other cities in Europe can offer the same diversity as well as quality in its cuisine than Kiev.

Apart from those restaurants that specialize in local delicacies entirely, one can also spend their lunch or dinner enjoying offerings from Georgian, Mediterranean, Asian and other regional restaurants.

In our opinion, here, anyone can find what they like, but you shouldn’t limit yourself and try many kinds of different foods.

Today, we will focus on presenting 5 of the best restaurants in Kiev, which we reckon, everyone should try out.

Need help navigating the city? Our Kiev tour guides will show you these restaurants on the spot.


One could argue that Odessa is arguably the most famous restaurant in the city. Helmed by renowned chef Yuri Pryemsky, the place separates itself not only by unique interior design and atmosphere, but of course, wonderful dishes as well.

The gastronomy here combines modern culinary tactics and techniques with recipes coming deep from Ukrainian tradition. All of the ingredients used are from local produce as well, ensuring maximum freshness and taste.

Some of the flagship dishes here include teriyaki catfish with buckwheat noodles, veal cheek with a zucchini and basil cream and so on. It’s also important to note that the restaurant offers some good vegetarian options as well.

While you're at it, don’t forget to try out some of the restaurant’s cocktails as well, which it’s famous for.

Whisky Corner

If you’re a true whisky connoisseur, there’s no way you should miss an opportunity to visit Whisky Corner, which offers a unique blend of spirit drinks as well as Scottish-inspired cuisine.

Here you’ll find over 900 varieties of whisky to try out, with a helpful waiter helping you choose the right food to go with it, during your time here.

The restaurant arguably specializes in its servings of dry aged steaks as well as other meat-based dishes.. Combine that with either a potent spirit or some of the best beer from local Ukrainian brewers and you have yourself a time well spent.


Kanapa is a restaurant that presents guests with legit traditional Ukrainian cuisine, albeit made with a few modern twists. Naturally, all of the produce used here is sourced out locally, whether in Kiev or surrounding regions, guaranteeing you an authentic meal that you’ll only find in the city.

Inside, you’ll think you’ve just entered a time machine and been transported back to the 19th century, to a place where the Tsar and other royalty used to dine. Luxurious wooden surfaces and seating, plenty of red on the interior will help you enjoy a legitimate experience of what Ukraine was all about back in the day.

To enjoy your meal even further, we suggest trying out some of the wines coming from the best makers in the country.

Favorite Uncle

If you want to have a cozy, home-like dinner experience on your trip to Kiev, then Favorite Uncle is as close as it gets. Right from the moment you enter the restaurant, you’ll feel as though a friend or relative has invited you for a meal with them.

Apart from the cozy lighting and interior, there are also plenty of things one can find from the restaurant owner and founder. The “uncle” is a keen traveler, which means there are plenty of photographs from the man’s journeys around the globe.

Moreover, he’s an avid reader as well, which means visitors can take a look at his library as well.

In terms of food, the restaurant offers a combination of local Ukrainian dishes, as well as Middle East cuisine. Some specialties here include poached eggs with salmon and spinach, veal salad or pumpkin soup.

Tsarske Selo

Located near some key Kiev monument, the restaurant Tsarske Selo aims to help visiting travelers kill their hunger by offering some of the most special local cuisine in Kiev.

This is another restaurant which presents itself as a cozy, 17th century house from the interior, so it's sure to help you have a legitimate look of how Ukrainians used to live back in the day.

In terms of dishes, here you’ll find the usual meals like borscht, Kiev-style chicken and so on. A great place not only to enjoy a meal, but explore some of the history of the region as well.

All in all

Today we’ve talked about 5 of the best restaurants in Kiev that you should definitely try. As proven here, it doesn’t have to be a fancy place, for you to fully enjoy an experience of what Kiev has to offer in terms of cuisine.