Meet a top Showaround local - Yulya from Tallinn

Meet a top Showaround local - Yulya from Tallinn

1. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Yulya and I am a dancer. I am a co-owner of dance studio in which I teach dancing and stretching. I am a very active person, energetic and like meeting people from different countries, to get to know different cultures.

I also like traveling and I do it very often. And because I wanted to visit Jamaica, I decided to gather payments from tours and save them for this trip. Thanks to all tourists who chose me and Showaround itself, my dream came true!

2. Tell us about your favorite place in Tallinn. What is special about it?

Of course Old Town in Tallinn is definitely beautiful, but at the same time I like the hipster area for its freedom and expression. And I like that Tallinn combines these two elements - historical and modern.

Image by Yulya

3. What’s one thing that visitors can find surprising when coming to Tallinn for the first time?

If you come to Tallinn in summer, then white nights are the most surprising. Because we literally almost don’t have dark night - sunset is near 11 pm, while sunrise is at 4 am.

Image by Yulya

If to visit Tallinn in winter, people say that they didn’t expect it would be that dark after 3 pm.

Image by Yulya

4. What’s the one place that you would definitely recommend every traveler to check out?

Tallinn is a walkable and small city, so I would recommend seeing not only Old Town and hipster area but other areas too, like Kalamaja, Noblessner, Promenade.

Image by Yulya

5. Finish these sentences about Tallinn:

- I’ve had the tastiest coffee at Kios №1; Ristikheina Kohvik, Surfcafe.

- On weekends I would recommend spending time walking in Viru Raba.

Image by Stefan Hiienurm

- The best spot for pictures/selfies would be Patkuli viewing platform.

Image by Yulya

- The best time to visit Tallinn is in summer or in winter during the period of time when we have Christmas market.

Image by Yulya

6. How did you discover Showaround?

I saw an advert once on Facebook. That’s how my journey started.

7. Tell us about your best Showaround experience.

I love all my tourists and I am friends with many of them. I cannot specify just one experience, but I had tours in Tallinn, around Estonia, and in Helsinki with awesome people from around the world. And they are all memorable to me. I hope they remember our tours too.

8. Do you have any tips for other locals who are just starting out?

The most important: Be Yourself!

Be the local but think like a visitor. Be a listener. Entertain people. Tell them all the nice stories. And just in case be prepared to tell historical facts and statistics results. And the most important: Be Yourself!

Image by Yulya

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