Meet a top Showaround local - Rasha from Cairo

Meet a top Showaround local - Rasha from Cairo

1. To start with, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Rasha. I was born in Cairo, where I live. I have graduated from the Faculty of Archaeology and I work as a licensed tour guide.

Image by Rasha

I have got many talents such as playing piano, cooking, dancing and photography, but my main hobby that I love is to draw names in hieroglyphics letters (pharaoh's language) on papyrus. And I offer that as a gift for my guests.

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2. Tell us about your favorite place in Cairo. What is special about it?

My favorite place in Cairo is El Moez Street. It's open 24 hours and it's an elegant and colorful area. There are music events there all night and also the famous Tanoura Show takes place there.

Image by Rasha

The old market (Khan el-Khalili) and many stores have everything I need for a reasonable price.

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I never get bored of walking down that street (1,5 km in length). It's 1200 years old so I can feel the true spirit of Cairo by walking along it, seeing the antique buildings and the beautiful architecture.

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3. What’s one thing that visitors can find surprising when coming to Cairo for the first time?

The most surprising thing for the tourist is the delicious falafel :) Every time I see how the visitors are surprised because we consider falafel a breakfast but for them it's like a meal for lunch.

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4. If you had to choose a song that gives off the vibe of Cairo, what song would it be?

That would be Helwa Ya Baladi.

5. What’s the one place that you would definitely recommend every traveler to check out? (Perhaps a relatively unknown spot that you think is underrated and deserves more attention?)

The one place that I would definitely recommend to each tourist is Coptic Cairo, a part of Old Cairo. It has:
- Hanging Church, one of the oldest churches in Egypt.
- Ben Ezra Synagogue, oldest Jewish temple in Cairo.
- The first mosque in Egypt, Amr ibn al-As
Walking over there is just like being in a movie Kingdom of Heaven.

6. On the other hand, is there a popular tourist place that you would actually recommend travelers to skip?

There is no place I advice to skip. On the contrary, Cairo is a huge city full of interesting, historical places from different ages from 5000 years ago until now (modern Cairo), as well as places for entertainment. Egypt in general is very safe and secure and people here are very hospitable and friendly.

7. Finish these sentences about Cairo:

- I’ve had the tastiest coffee at Fishawy Cafe.

- The best place to grab lunch is Koshari Abou Tarek restaurant.

- On weekends I love spending my time in Alexandria.

- The best spot for pictures/selfies would be the top of Mokattam Mountain, panorama of the river Nile, pyramids plateau and Jazeera's/Cairo tower.

- If I wanted to relax, I would go to Masa resort Nasr City.

- The best time to visit Cairo is... The whole year! We have a very good weather in winter and it's a little bit warm in August.

8. How did you discover Showaround?

I have discovered Showaround through a friend of mine who was traveling a lot with that platform. I was looking for a work that satisfies my passion for helping travelers have an experience as a local, not as a tourist.

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9. Tell us about your best Showaround experience.

My best Showaround experience was when I hosted two lovely French ladies at my house and we had a great time together like a family :) They called me "mom" all the time because I was took care of them very well <3

10. Do you have any tips for other locals who are just starting out?

My tips for other locals are - always be honest with your guest and enjoy what are you doing as if it was is your first time doing it. And finally, keep smiling! It is the best way for communication.

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