Meet a top Showaround local - Diana from Bucharest

Meet a top Showaround local - Diana from Bucharest

1. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am 29 years old, I work in business development for an American company and I'm also a wedding planner.  I have 8 years of experience in organising both incoming and outgoing holidays all around the world. My passion is to put a unique stamp on your travels. I am an event planner for vacations, bachelor parties and special events.

2. Tell us about your favorite place in Bucharest. What is special about it?

The northern area of Bucharest is beautiful. From there you can see the most special sunset and the warmest sunrise. Hiro Bay bar offers a unique experience of modern and traditional food, accompanied by music by the most famous DJs.

HiroBay bar. Image by Diana.

3. What’s one thing that visitors can find surprising when coming to Bucharest for the first time?

If you feel annoyed by all the selfie sticks from famous destinations, in Bucharest you’ll feel like a true explorer. Romanians are very engaging people, mostly good-natured, and eager to interact with others. And every time they will wait for you with a big smile on their face.

4. If you had to choose a song that gives off the vibe of Bucharest, what song would it be?

Won't forget you - Shouse!

5. What’s the one place that you would definitely recommend every traveler to check out?

That would be Sky Bar Linea / Closer to the Moon ( it's in the Old Town area).

6. On the other hand, is there a popular tourist place that you would actually recommend travelers skip?

The National History Museum.

7. Finish these sentences about Bucharest:

- I’ve had the tastiest coffee at Grand Café Van Gogh.

- The best place to grab lunch is Biutiful by the Lake restaurant.

- On weekends I love spending my time at Nuba Summervibes, Loft, Biutifiul by the lake and Nomad.

- The best spot for pictures/selfies would be CEC Palace, or Lineea Closer to the Moon Sky Bar.

- If I wanted to relax, I would go to Mogosoaia Park and Palace.

- The best time to visit Bucharest is anytime, all year long!

Image by Diana.

8. How did you discover Showaround?

I was looking for a friendly app to discover the world through the eyes of a local.

9. Tell us about your best Showaround experience.

I think that's the greatest spiritual fulfilment you can have - knowing that people were happier because of you.

I organised the 50th wedding anniversary of a 70 year old couple as a surprise party. I had so many emotions as if it was my party... and now when I think about it I can feel the emotions of that moment! I think that's the greatest spiritual fulfilment you can have - knowing that people were happier because of you.

10. Do you have any tips for other locals who are just starting out?

To put passion into everything they do!

Image by Diana.

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