Kiev and Some Witchcraft

Kiev and Some Witchcraft

In our latest video above, Showaround Local Ksenia took us back 1,500 years ago, when Vikings decided to settle down in the area and name it - Kiev.

Colourful builsding in Kiev

This is only one of our many tours in Kiev; we were genuinely mesmerized by it. It's a vast city, and two or three days won't be enough to immerse yourself and feel the true spirit of Kiev.

However, we believe our team of local tour guides in Kiev can help you make the best of your experience, depending on what your keen on seeing or doing.

Artistic street murals in Kiev

"I can show you best places in Kiev, assist you in finding a suitable apartment, arrange transport or even meet you at the airport if needed.", promises Ksenia.

Showaround Local Ksenia from Kiev during a city tour

Ukraine’s capital is a city of extremes, from little wooden houses, narrow streets and alleys, to the poshest shopping spots. Some of our favourite places were: [Andriyivskyy Descent](Andriyivskyy Descent), St. Andrew’s Church, Chernobyl Museum and.. See it for yourself. We don't want to spoil your fun.

A sign in Kiev that says This is not art

You can read an interview with Ksenia in our Get to Know Showaround Locals section.

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