Innsbruck: the Capital of Alps

Innsbruck: the Capital of Alps

The capital of Tyrol, and the fourth largest city in Austria, Innsbruck has enthralled many travellers, not only because it’s simply picture-perfect, but it’s also ideal for both winter and summer holidays. In Innsbruck, your head might spin when you realise how many different activities it has to offer, such as climbing, mountain cycling, swimming, golf, or winter sports like skiing. This area boasts some of the most magnificent scenic views in Austria, with stunning lakes, awe-inspiring mountains, and the Inn river. Actually, the name of the city originated from the river because Innsbruck means, ‘the bridge over the Inn’.

Mountains in Innsbruck

But I have to admit, it’s hard to call Innsbruck a city because it gives off a sense of close proximity and a tight-knit community that are usually only inherent in villages and small settlements. Therefore Tyrolean, and particularly Innsbruck, culture is something every traveller should experience. The Innsbruckians are very polite and well-mannered, but also laid-back, friendly and very proud of their city – and let’s not forget that they held the winter Olympics twice back in 1964 and 1976. Also, almost one-fifth of the residents are students at the University of Innsbruck, and undeniably, this adds some extra liveliness to the community.

Houses in Innsbruck

This week’s Featured Local is Scott, originally from Great Britain, he moved to Innsbruck where he now works as a photographer. Not only can he give you a tour around the city, but he can also take photos and send them to you after. That’s why there’s no need for you to take any heavy photography equipment with you.

Showaround Local Scott taking a photo

Wondering what spending a day with Scott would be like? Here’s what he suggests: ‘We could hike up the mountains and enjoy a radler while taking in a spectacular view of the central Alps. You don’t fancy hiking? No worries, there’s a cable car as well which takes you up in great comfort. What if the weather’s bad? No problem, we could walk through the stunning old town and have an Italian coffee or a fresh beer.’

River and mountain view in Innsbruck

Naturally, given the location, visitors expect Innsbruck to be just a typical ski destination. However, with a local like Scott, you’ll experience far more than skiing because the capital of the Alps is full of surprises. Innsbruck has this all-year-round vibrancy, unique culture and breathtaking nature that’s worth visiting in any season.