Hawaii: Say ‘Aloha’ to a New Way of Life

Hawaii: Say ‘Aloha’ to a New Way of Life

Hawaii is a real slice of heaven, the kind of place you wish you could return to summer after summer. There is something about the ‘Aloha’ lifestyle and magical sunsets that just keeps you wanting to come back, no matter what.

Living on the island changes your way of life, it helps you to slow down and embrace each and every moment. There is just simply no hurrying whatsoever, that’s the vibe in Hawaii – stillness and an unexplainable inner joy.

Blue waters in Hawaii

Beautiful landscape in Hawaii

Another great thing about Hawaii is watching the sunsets – you can watch them a thousand times over and they will still mesmerise you every single time. You can enjoy them every evening together with cloudless skies, turquoise waters, and white and black sand beaches – can you imagine what it would be like to live there?

This week’s Featured Local, Keha, lives on one of the six Hawaiian Islands, in a settlement called Waimea. This place is known for its scenic spots, hiking trails and Paniolo cowboys. We also heard that the stop signs over there don’t say ‘Stop’, but instead say ‘Whoa’ – you will have to ask Keha about that one.

Showaround Local Keha from Hawaii

Keha is a 22-year-old Showaround Local, born and raised in Hawaii, who is very knowledgeable about native culture, language and nature. He is also an avid waterman and former lifeguard, so whether it’s surfing, fishing sailing or diving, he’s mastered them all!

Greenery in Hawaii

Once you experience what Hawaiian life is like, the rich local history and culture, and more importantly, the overwhelming acceptance of the local people, you will begin to understand how much the ‘Aloha’ lifestyle can affect you. Indeed, there is something truly unique about this place, and we can barely capture its true feeling in words – it is really somewhere you have to visit to fully understand.