Get to Know Showaround Locals in Washington DC: Meet Maxime

Get to Know Showaround Locals in Washington DC: Meet Maxime

Background: Maxime works as a research associate in Washington DC, where he’s not only a Showaround Local, but he also qualifies as a true Washingtonian – which means that he is knowledgeable about the secret hotspots and best restaurants in DC, as well as how to navigate the most popular tourist attractions in the city. According to him, it’s better to experience a city through its people, than through its monuments.

an obelisk on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Showaround: Why did you decide to become a Showaround Local?
Maxime: I chose to become a Showaround local because I love my city (DC) more than anything. Although I love to travel, DC is my true hometown and has been my whole life. I, of course, love the monuments and memorials and government buildings but what I truly love about this city are the educated and interesting people, the unique rowhomes, and the odd history that made DC what it is today (very different from other capital cities). Every street, park, store, and building in this city carries a memory with it for me, and I want to show others that there is so much more to see beyond the National Mall.

Showaround Local Maxime from Washington

Showaround: Name three super local things to do in the city?
Maxime: Three super local things to do in DC are: go to bottomless brunch at a restaurant on 14th Street, go to Drag Brunch at Nellie's, and go to Meridian Hill Park on a Sunday afternoon with a bottle of Rosé and listen to the drum circle and experience the life of DC's liveliest park.

Colourful buildings in Washington

Showaround: Favourite restaurant?
Maxime: My favourite restaurant at the moment (it always changes with so many restaurants opening in this city) is Kapnos because I love Greek food. However, I also love Thip Khao. It's too tough to choose!

Greek food in Washington

Showaround: Best place for a drink?
Maxime: Thinking of the best place for a drink is tough especially when you consider our extreme seasons. In the summer, DNV is a great rooftop bar with a pool and great views of Thomas Circle. In the fall, playing bocce in the courtyard of Vinoteca is very relaxing. In the winter, any cosy dive bar will work, but I particularly like Tunnicliff's for its direct view of the Christmas lights hanging from the wrought iron green stalls next to Eastern Market. In the spring, a drink on the back patio of Bar Charley is always nice.

a great rooftop bar with a pool from DNV in Washington

Showaround: What about the nightlife?
Maxime: The best nightlife also depends on the person visiting. For a quieter night out, Barracks Row and Columbia Heights are good places to relax with friends without seeing too much debauchery. For a louder night out, U Street NW, H Street NE, and 18th Street NW are fun if you like large crowds and meeting lots of new people. For a crazy or special night out, Golden Triangle, a game at the Verizon Center in Chinatown, or an expensive nightclub on K Street NW should accomplish what you're looking for.

Tourists and the Washington Monument

Showaround: How would you describe the local people of Washington?
Maxime: Washingtonians tend to be open-minded and well educated which always leads to captivating conversations and debates. Washingtonians also tend to be very serious about their work which is why many like to party hard on weekends.

Showaround: Thank you Maxime for your answers!