Get to Know Showaround Locals in Quebec: Meet Marika

Get to Know Showaround Locals in Quebec: Meet Marika

Background: Showaround local Marika was born on the south side of Quebec City in Lévis, but she has always liked wandering around Quebec with her friends and family – ‘I speak French, alors pardonnez mon anglais’, says Marika. She is a Journalism student, but she also graduated from Photography two years ago. Marika runs her own blog called Les traîneries du samedi, dedicated to positive thoughts, as well as her life and writing. Her ultimate goal is to travel around the world one day.

A scenic sunset view of Quebec

Showaround: Why did you decide to become a Showaround Local?
Marika: I love Quebec and I want people to discover the best spots – or at least my favourite ones – in the city. Showaround is also an excellent way to connect with people from all around the world, which is interesting for me because I like to hear more about different cultures and lifestyles, and I wish to visit other countries.

New Year's party

Showaround: Name three super local things to do in the city?
Marika: If you visit Quebec in the summer, you really don’t want to miss the Festival d'été de Québec! Many artists perform various scenes and nothing beats a great show in the famous historical park, Plains of Abraham – and it’s a great place for a picnic too! I also suggest having dinner, or a drink, in one of the restaurants or bars located on Grande Allée. During the afternoon you might also want to wonder on Saint-Jean Street in Old Quebec – I find that very relaxing. You can also find many stores and coffeehouses there (pssst, I love the Brûlerie St-Jean).

A croissant and a latte

Showaround: What’s your favourite restaurant?
Marika: Depends on what I feel like eating – however, I would say L’Atelier, as they have special (and fancy) cocktails. I always order a different one every time and I’m never disappointed. Also, they serve delicious salmon tartare, and beef bavette – I’m hungry just thinking about it. If I had to choose a second favourite (yeah, I love food), then I’d say Batinse is superb if you want to eat some typical local food. Don’t miss out on these two!

Showaround: Best place for a drink?
Marika: I mentioned L’Atelier before, but I would say that the Shaker is a good alternative – especially if you want to escape downtown for a while. Also, for those who like to get a beer and talk with friends, L’Inox is pretty great (on Grande Allée). I also really like the crowd at Le Cercle and their shows, which is located in an entirely different area of Quebec.

A fresly made mojito cocktail

Showaround: What about the nightlife?
Marika: Dagobert Nightclub is a really popular club, which is located on Grande Allée (right next to many other really popular and nice bars). If you are looking for a dance floor, then this is where you need to go – although there’s a wide choice of other places too!

Road in Quecbec

Showaround: How would you describe the local people of Quebec?
Marika: The people are incredibly friendly and welcoming! You can easily meet people in Quebec, just don’t be shy to talk to them. They’re also creative, thoughtful, and happy-go-lucky – so you’ll be in good hands.

Showaround: Thank you Marika for your answers and Anne-Sophie Beaudoin for the cover photos!