Get to Know Showaround Locals in Cincinnati: Meet Erin

Get to Know Showaround Locals in Cincinnati: Meet Erin

Background: Meet Erin, she’s lived in Cincinnati for 23 years now. Erin attended Xavier University and majored in Electronic Media. Now, she writes, shoots and edits video for Kroger. In her free time, she loves to hike, hang out with friends, kayak, read, explore, hula hoop, and try new restaurants.

The view of the bridge in Cincinnati

Showaround: Why did you decide to become a Showaround Local?
Erin: I thought it would be a great idea to get paid for something I do regularly anyway. Many of my friends didn't go to college in Cincinnati so every time they come home, it is my job to plan our outing since I'm the only "True Cincinnatian" left. This may be an excuse to not plan our outing, but I truly enjoy taking them to new places. Our typical stops are restaurants, libraries, juice bars, regular bars, and of course parks!

Panoramic view in Cincinnati

Showaround: Name three super local things to do in the city?
Erin: If you are in Cincinnati, and you don't want to deal with crowds of tourist I would suggest Northside, General James Taylor Park, or Bellevue Park.

Northside is full of life and culture. There is a strip of shops on Hamilton Ave that could keep you busy all day. Northside also has AMAZING restaurants including Django, which is a taco joint with the best spicy margaritas in town.

the best spicy margaritas in Cincinnati

General James Taylor Park is actually in Kentucky! Right across the river in Newport. Here you can watch the steam boats on the Ohio River pass by. This is a perfect photo op or place to watch the sunset.

a stadium in Cincinnati

Bellevue Park is truly where the locals hang. You will spot many University of Cincinnati students sitting on blankets and taking in the view. My friend said she goes there each day for lunch, and it is never too crowded. If you are a fan of 3 Doors Down they shot their "It's Not My Time" music video right in this park!

evening in Cincinnati

Showaround: Favourite restaurant?
Erin: I can suggest many options for food in the 513 but being a vegetarian I will only pick two. The first is Moriah Pie, which is located in Norwood. It is a pizza place that uses all homegrown ingredients; because of this it is only open on Friday. The food is AMAZING and it is "pay what you want" with no real prices. The only downfall of Moriah's is they don't serve alcohol, but you are welcome to BYOB.

My other choice is Melt located in Northside. Melt serves a variety of food but is know for it's vegetarian and vegan options. I am usually able to trick my friends into thinking their vegan chili has meat in it because it's THAT good. They also have an outdoor sitting area which is perfect for a nice day.

Neons bar in Cincinnati

Showaround: Best place for a drink?
Erin: I think the best play for a casual drink is Neons. Their homemade limeade is to die for and goes perfectly with any liquor of your choice. Also, there is both indoor and outdoor seating. If you choose to sit outside you can participate in life-size Jenga. This is a great way to make friends and interact with other bar-goers. Neons also serves burgers when it gets a little later. I honestly can't say I've had one sober but from what I remember they are phenomenal.

Showaround: What about the nightlife?
Erin: I have quite a few favorite nightlife spots. The first is The Drinkery in OTR (band in photo). It is right next to Neons and often has great music/dancing. Down the street is MOTR which is for anyone who likes a little harder rock; often punk bands make their way through this bar. MOTR also usually has a fire pit which is great for making friends. If I do not want to dance that night I will go to Arcade Legacy in Northside; here the games are free with any drink purchase. This bar is a little less crowded than OTR's 16 Bit which is why I prefer it.

Live music bar in Cincinnati

Showaround: How would you describe the local people of Cincinnati?
Erin: Honestly I see all kinds of people in Cincinnati. If often depends on what part of town you are in. Overall we are in the midwest so people will try to help you out when they can. Downtown, homeless people might ask for money, but that is about the extend of harassment. Cincinnatians are proud of their city and will do a lot to prove that to you. If you are a sports fan, many will go on about the Bengals, Reds, or Musketeer season. Cincinnati has a lot to offer when it comes to art, culture, and outside destinations.

Showaround: Thank you, Erin, for your answers!