Finland: Not as Cold as You Might Think

Finland: Not as Cold as You Might Think

Finland has most of the features that belong to a Scandinavian country; however, it does not necessarily label itself as one. Of course, one of the main commonalities with the Nordics is the frosty weather. Summers are a bit better; the temperature sometimes rises above +20 °C. Not only the weather but Finns themselves often seem as cold and quiet too. Perhaps it's because they are not the world's most sparkling conversationalists. They don't like to chit-chat, and they don't see the need to fill in those awkward silence gaps.

Beautiful winter morning in Helsinki

But we all know that stereotypes rarely convey the entire truth. This week's Featured Local is Riikka, she is the complete opposite of the above-mentioned stereotype, she's chatty and witty, and she's also our Showarounder based in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Riikka is a design student, a foodie, a movie enthusiast and a lover of all things beautiful.

Showaround Local Rikka from Finland

According to Riikka, "My ideal tour is laid back and full of art and culture. I will show you around the best art exhibitions and take you to the cutest cafes. I also love getting to know cities by walking so we could discover some of the most beautiful areas and buildings in town together."

River view in Helsinki

What's our advice when travelling to Finland? Visit Helsinki, and don't let stereotypes fool you, better see it for yourself, how fantastic the place is.