Boston: Do you know where the hub of the universe is?

Boston: Do you know where the hub of the universe is?

Boston is a city abounding with momentous and historic sites; prominent architecture, inviting green spaces, and distinctive neighbourhoods. Most likely it’s not a city you would dream of visiting, but once you get there, the first thing you notice is the energy; it permeates the air - it’s different from any other big American city I know. It’s more intimate, familiar and resilient, which makes Boston so compelling.

A scenic view of Boston

Even if you’ve been there before, you’ll always find new things to explore and discover. Affectionately known as the hub of the Universe, you wouldn’t give such a powerful nickname just to any city. On a day to day basis, you’d hear locals using a shortened version of it - the Hub. And that’s not an overstatement. With a large population of academics, a vibrant startup scene and legacy of arts; Boston is now the centre of innovation in science, technology and art.

This week’s Featured Local is Brittany, a lifelong proud Bostonian and a passionate traveller of the US, Europe and beyond. She thoroughly enjoys wandering around new cities, towns, and natural landscapes. All these Brittany's adventures are captured in photos taken and stories written by her and published on a personal blog called the Notebook Effect, which is simply a delight to read.

Showaround Local Brittany from Boston

Showaround Local Brittany

According to Brittany, ‘Boston is an incredibly unique and charismatic American city, rich with history and overflowing with culture. Its dedicated love for sports, inspiring innovative presence due to universities and research institutions, charming architecture, and exciting diversity of neighbourhoods offer something for everyone to enjoy.’

Red brick buildings in Boston

Beacon Hill in Boston

She’s selected to be featured this week amongst many not without reason. The tours Brittany provides are quite unique. They range from tasting some fresh New England cuisine and exploring winding roads on Beacon Hill to strolling through the perfectly trimmed public gardens and brief history lessons. These show-arounds can be tailor-made according to your individual interests and schedule. Whether you’re into high culture, gourmet treats and great seafood, or hiking around the Boston Harbour Islands, Brittany has you covered.

Neon lights and front windows in Beacon Hill

Vintage bicycles in Beacon Hill

But most importantly, you get to experience Boston through a personal perspective when visiting her favourite districts, shops, eateries and lesser-known favourites that aren’t famous. Yet.