5 Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation

5 Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation

Many people spend weeks or even months before a vacation working out and eating well so that they can look great on their trip, but why should it stop there? Vacations don’t have to be a time for letting yourself go or abandoning the healthy lifestyle you adopt in your everyday life.

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In fact, staying active and fit while on vacation is not only good for you, it can improve your whole travel experience by keeping you looking and feeling your best. Here are our top five tips for staying fit while travelling, no matter where you go.

1. Do simple exercises throughout the day

Whether it’s a 10-minute walk, a 5-minute stretch, or a set of bodyweight squats, simple exercises that do not require equipment are a great way to stay active while travelling.

These movements can be done in the airport, hotel room, by the pool, or pretty much anywhere. While on vacation, try to do at least a few per day. The best part is, you don’t have to designate a lot of time or even change into “fitness clothes” to get these done.

2. Find fitness-oriented leisure activities

Most people tend to fill their days with sightseeing while on vacation. If you’re looking to stay fit, try to choose activities that will keep you moving, like long walks around a city, hiking to a beautiful lookout point, skiing, or even surfing lessons. Not only will these activities keep you fit, but they will also be a lot of fun!

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3. Travel to fitness-friendly destinations

Some places are more fitness-friendly than others. Any travel destination that has access to nature (like a forest, mountain or beach), a nice climate, and an abundance of fresh, local food will help you stay healthy.

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It’s human nature to be influenced by the environment around us, so if you are in a place where the culture tends to be active and healthy, you will likely follow suit. Remember, vacations don’t have to include crazy parties and lazy lounging—you can have fun while staying fit!

4. Keep healthy snacks on hand

Whether you’re on a road trip or travelling through airports, it’s a good idea to find a local market or grocery store and stalk up on nourishing snacks like nuts, fruits, protein bars, and fresh veggies.

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With your own snacks on hand, you’ll be less likely to indulge in overpriced, unhealthy junk food options that tend to be abundant in vacation destinations. While choosing a protein bar, make sure that it’s low in sugar.

5. Find the freshest foods on the menu

Home-cooked meals tend to be the easiest way to eat well, but eating out at restaurants is inevitable while on vacation. The good news is, healthy food is delicious, and many restaurants offer nutritious options.

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Try to choose meals that are high in lean protein, low in bad carbs, and inclusive of fresh vegetables and healthy fats.

This guest post was written by Chelsey Luger.