5 Travel Apps that Every First-Time Traveller Needs

5 Travel Apps that Every First-Time Traveller Needs

When was the last time you saw a tourist holding a map with a lost look on his face? Unless you live in New York, London or Paris, it’s not as often as it used to be. Without the use of technology, travelling has become hardly imaginable.

Travelers looking at a map in a park

But the good news is that the only piece of equipment you need is a smartphone to make organising a trip almost effortless. Whether it’s buying unused luggage space or sharing a home-cooked meal, there’s an app for almost any service under the sun.

To not get lost in the mass of information at your disposal, we’ve selected the best travel apps that you’ll actually use. All these mobile apps are free of charge and are waiting to be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.



Tired of soulless hotels? Homestay connects hosts who offer to share their homes with guests looking for immersive experiences. With over 150 countries available, there are plenty of options to choose from at a good price.

Homestay iOS app offering accommodation

Download: iOS, Android



Even though there are dozens of apps out there that help you find the best cheap flights, it seems that they can hardly compare to the all-in-one app - Skyscanner. On its mobile app, you can not only find the perfect deal on various flights, but also book a hotel, hire a car, or both.

Skyscanner iOS app offering best flights deals

Download: iOS, Android


Google Maps

Every savvy traveller has used Google Maps at least once. It’s a great tool suggesting directions and multiple transportation modes in an unfamiliar place. The app works offline which is convenient in case there’s no Internet connection.

Google maps iOS app

Download: iOS, Android



BlaBlaCar is the app founded by a French startup is an ideal solution for those who need a ride for longer distances, say between cities. Once you become a registered user, you can carpool with people who have empty seats and have already planned a roadtrip.

BlaBlaCar iOS app for carpool rides

Download: iOS, Android



Every city has its own unique charms, but how to find them, let’s say, during your first visit? The Showaround app presents you with local people in the area you’re visiting. So instead of doing all the research yourself and only seeing the tourist attractions, get an insider to take you to the best spots in town.

Showaround iOS app for city tours with locals

Download: iOS, Android

Have you used any of these apps already? Share your experience in the comments below.