4 of the best clubs and bars in Kiev to experience the city's true nightlife

4 of the best clubs and bars in Kiev to experience the city's true nightlife

For those of us that like to let loose, Kiev is arguably one of the best hotspots in Europe when it comes to clubbing and nightlife.

Not many know this, as the first impression seems to be that the city is your typical Eastern European town with landmarks, architecture and other places to visit typical to the region. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

From simple bars that offer a taste of local craft beer, clubs for sipping cocktails and having a good time, to exclusive dance halls, Kiev has everything that a keen party-goer might want.

Today, we will talk about 4 bars and clubs you should seriously consider when visiting Kiev.

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Caribbean Club

Club Caribbean in Kiev is known to be one of the pristine concert venues in the city where Rock, Jazz, Disco concerts happen on the regular. In its repertoire there are also theatre, dance, comedy shows, but most importantly regular evening and night parties.

Inside, one could find a huge wooden dance floor, 3 bars with comfy leather seats, 3 guest levels and even a VIP hall.

Apart from its club section, the place is also famous for being one of the best restaurants in the city. Here one can order traditional Ukrainian dishes, sushi and burgers, all while sipping on some of the best cocktails that the city has to offer. This area operates all the way till closing time so you won’t leave hungry or thirsty, that’s for sure.

Whether it’s a party or concert that you’re planning to attend, you definitely won't leave the bored or frustrated.

Address: 4 Simona Petlyury Street

Working hours: 6pm - 6am.

Dinamo LUX club

If it’s outright partying that you’re after, then Dinamo LUX is definitely the place to go to. The place is large enough to fit around 1000 people partying at the same time, so we can guarantee that you definitely won’t be lacking in company.

Known for its great sound system and strong visuals, the place is often a venue for some of the best local and international DJs guaranteeing you an entrancing experience with some of the best electronic and dance music.

Overall, the club is known for its classy and luxurious atmosphere for its guests, which is why we think it's a worthy place to visit for partygoers.

Right nearby, there’s an amazing restaurant called The Park which offers a wide variety of drinks and cuisine, satisfying even the neediest of customers. Oh and the view over Mariinskiy park is a nice bonus as well.

Address: 3 Grushevskogo Street

Hours: 12am – 6am

Decadence house

This is one of the places where the richest of the rich go to have a good time. So, if you're feeling fancy, prepare your best dress or suit and pay a visit to the Decadence house club.

The place boasts luxury, expense and exclusivity without shame and as such, manages to regularly attract a crowd of some of the richest people in Kiev. Typically, a 20 dollar admission fee is mandated at the doorway, but sometimes this changes depending on the event.

Some say this is also a great place for those that are looking for a date, so if you see a girl or a boy giving you a smile from across the dancefloor, don’t hesitate to send a message back, if he or she caught your eye too.

Like other bars and clubs on this list Decadence also has a restaurant offering wonderful cuisine and drinks for those interested. If you’re looking to experience what some of the city’s elite experience, pay this place a visit.

Address: 16 Shota Rustaveli Street

Hours: 11am – Last Customer

Freedom Club

The Freedom Club in Kiev might not be considered a club at all by some, but rather a whole entertainment complex. Inside the building there’s a hall for concerts, a night club, a restaurant and even a casino, so everyone will find what they’re looking for at night.

A dance hall large enough for hundreds of people, intriguing design surrounding you with mirrors as well as lots and lots of glitter is what you’ll find here. However, don’t think that the atmosphere will be too goofy or lackluster, after all, this a place of class and exclusivity.

If you’re done dancing and feel like having a little break, there’s always the bar to keep you fueled for the night with friendly and fast bartenders making sure you don’t have to wait too long to be served.

The venue is also known to be a famous hall for concerts as pop and rap music heavyweights of Ukraine don’t hesitate in hosting one of their shows here on the regular. If you’re keen on listening to some music and having a great time, check out the upcoming events happening here.

Address: 134 Frunze Street

Hours: Fri / Sat 8pm - Last Customer

All in all

Today, we’ve given a few examples of some of the best clubs found in Kiev. If you’re a person that likes to get loose from time to time, we reckon that there aren’t many better places in the city than the ones we’ve listed here.