100 Top Travel Blogs that Will Make You Want to Adventure the World [2018 Updated]

100 Top Travel Blogs that Will Make You Want to Adventure the World [2018 Updated]

There are tons of travel blogs on the wide web, but how do you find the ones that can actually help you plan the next trip?

We’ve done the Internet searching part for you by rounding up a list of the top 100 travel blogs. This way, you always have a go-to place whenever you get itchy feet and you’re looking for a source of inspiration or a definitive guide.

These travel aficionados have quite a few insights and tips from things like how to organise a luxurious trip to the French Riviera on a student budget to how to pack only a carry-on for a month-long trip.

Ever imagined quitting a stressful 9-5 job to chase your dreams and explore the rest of the world? They have quite a lot of knowledge to share about that too.

A bright orange van on the road

So what are the best travel blogs?

Some of our suggestions are not necessarily the most popular blogs out there; however, it’s all about the quality of content and the ability to ignite the fire in you to adventure the world and pursue your love of travel.

Check the list below to find the best recommendations on things to do, places to visit and most importantly, how to be less of a tourist and discover cities like locals do. You will be sure to thank us later.

1.Messy Nessy Chic

Vanessa (Nessy) is the founder of a truly addictive blog called Messy Nessy. One day Nessy packed it all and moved to France, and now she shares insightful stories about her secret version of Paris, wanderlust and time travel.

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2.Expert Vagabond

Travel blogger Matthew from Expert Vagabond eating a scorpio

Matthew is a full-time adventure junkie, travel writer and photographer. He’s been exploring unusual and beautiful locations around the planet for the past 7 years and as a result, has visited over 50 countries. Matt shares wild travel stories, useful tips, entertaining videos, and captivating photography from the road.

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Mark from Migrationology travel blog

Migrationology is a travel blog for food lovers who enjoy discovering unique and authentic cuisine. If you would travel halfway across the world just to eat something delicious, or to discover a hidden culinary gem, this is a blog you'll love!

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4.Hand Luggage Only

Yaya and Lloyd travel bloggers

Hand Luggage Only is a blog set up by Lloyd and Yaya who wanted to share fun and deliciousness and their experiences with everyone. “We really wanted to connect with other travellers across the globe and have a two-way conversation about travel. Finding the best places to explore has always been the most important thing for us...and if there's cake involved, even better! Ha!”

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5.World Of Wanderlust

A travel and lifestyle blog ran by Brooke Saward who booked a life-changing flight after graduating from university and hasn’t stopped exploring the globe ever since. The blog (or more like a hub) offers some valuable tips, an extensive list of guides for various cities across the world, and more.

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6.The Blonde Abroad

Meet Kiersten, a bubbly Californian girl who left the corporate world for a world full of experiences and adventures. Since then she has travelled to over 50 countries while successfully ticking items off her bucket list.

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7.Adventurous Kate

Kate quit her job at the age of 26 and decided to travel solo. Her blog is a great source and a much-needed stimulus for those who dream about exploring the world on their own but never had the courage to do so.

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8.Hippie In Heels

Rachel from Hippie in Heels travel blog

Rachel Jones is an American who left a career in nursing to live on the beaches in Goa India over four years ago. Her website gives advice on the 35+ countries she's been to and has become the go-to site on India travel. Hippie In Heels, like its name, is a contradiction combining off-beat adventurous places with glamorous and girly travel.

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9.Bucket List Journey

Annette from travel blog Bucket list Journey

Annette is a published author, a serial adventurer and creator of the travel blog, Bucket List Journey. On the blog you can follow her checking the world off her bucket list one adventure at a time.

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10.Goats On The Road

Nick and Dariece Travel bloggers

Nick and Dariece are the couple behind Goats On The Road, a website designed to show others how to turn their travels into a lifestyle. Masters at making money abroad, they've been on the road since 2008 and have explored some of the least visited places on earth.

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11.Young Adventuress

A blog set up by Liz, which she describes as “a no-filter vaguely chronological space filled with stories and misadventures about my travels over the years with some musings about life thrown in for good measure.”

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12.Be My Travel Muse

Kristin Addis travel blogger

Kristin Addis is the solo female traveller behind a website for off the beaten path adventures. For the past three years, she’s travelled the world alone, hitchhiking in China, sleeping in a tent for over a month in Africa, and learning how to say ‘I love you’ in 12 Asian languages.

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13.Ordinary Traveler

Christy Woodrow and Scott Calafiore

An adventure travel and lifestyle blog, written by Christy Woodrow and Scott Calafiore. “When we started our blog in 2009, many of the popular travel blogs were written by permanent, or soon-to-be permanent, nomads. Not everyone wants to quit their job and sell all their possessions to travel. People who want a home and adventurous life are the ‘ordinary’ people we strive to connect with and inspire.”

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14.The Travel Hack

Monica the founder of the travel hack

Monica is the founder and editor of The Travel Hack, one of the UK’s leading travel blogs. Monica and her team of bloggers travel the world in search of affordable luxury. They aim to inspire others to travel more and get luxury travel experiences on an economy budget!

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15.Off The Path

Sebastian from Off The Path has lived in 10 countries and travelled to almost 100 of them. And he is not planning to stop any time soon. On his blog you can find pretty much everything, from travel advice to personal experiences.

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16.One Step 4ward

Johhny form One Step 4ward

Irishman Johnny chronicles his journey from working class bum to millionaire travel blogger travelling to every single country in the world. He talks about his crazy escapades and how to make money from blogging and digital media.

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17.A Dangerous Business

Amanda from A Dangerous Business blog

Amanda is an adventure-seeker from the American Midwest and the creator of the blog called A Dangerous Business which she uses to inspire people to fit more travel and adventure into the lifestyle they already have.

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18.Never Ending Voyage

Digital nomads Erin McNeaney and Simon Fairbair

Erin McNeaney and Simon Fairbairn are a digital nomad couple who sold everything they owned and left the UK in 2010 to travel the world forever. They write about their slow travels around the world, the delicious vegetarian food they eat, and the ups and downs of nomadic life at Never Ending Voyage.

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19.Heart My Backpack

After spending a few years on the road with a backpack, Silvia has found a country to settle down - Norway. She currently writes about balancing the desire to travel with the need for stability, and how to enjoy both to the fullest.

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The Travelettes is a blog run by a network of talented travellers, writers and photographers who are not only sharing their stories encouraging young women to travel but also have grown into a community of travellers worldwide.

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21.I Am Aileen

Aileen posing on a mountain top

Aileen quit her job at 21 to pursue her dreams. Today, she is a successful entrepreneur and travel blogger living a sustainable travel lifestyle. Through her blog, she aims to show others that it is absolutely possible to create a life of travel no matter the odds.

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22.Never Ending Footsteps

Lauren is the word whizz at Never Ending Footsteps, where she talks about the transformative impact of travelling and how it changed her life. She takes an interesting spin and says “Let me show you how not to travel the world.”

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23.Leave Your Daily Hell

Robert from the blog Leave Your Daily Hell

Leave Your Daily Hell informs, inspires, entertains and empowers. A collection of dispatches from more than 80 countries that loosely follows the travels of creator Robert Schrader. Robert's next trip is to Iran, where he aims to shatter stereotypes with compelling human stories and stirring, vivid imagery.

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24.Bruised Passports

Travel bloggers Savi and Vid on a road trip

“Savi and Vid have been to over 500 cities in 70 countries, following their love of offbeat and luxury travel. They are particularly in love with road trips and in the last year alone, they’ve driven over 20,000 miles in a dozen countries.” Their blog is full of vividly captured photos and useful information, no matter what your travel style is.

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25.That Backpacker

Blogger Audrey hiking

Audrey is the creator of a travel blog that has been helping readers plan their travels since 2010. Her blog offers a mix of easy to follow itineraries and useful travel advice, that will help you find your way through your new destination. Audrey's travels have taken her across 50+ countries filling up a few passports along the way, and she shows no signs of slowing down!

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26.Just One Way Ticket

Sab from the travel blog Just one way ticket

Sab is the travel writer behind Just One Way Ticket, a popular travel and lifestyle blog that inspires people to leave the rat race and travel the world. The blog features not only insightful and witty pieces but has a number of superbly shot videos.

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Anil Polat

Introducing you to Anil Polat, a blogger and computer security engineer who’s been travelling around the world for the past seven years. He has travelled to places like Cuba and Yemen, and began FoXnoMad as a way to share the tips and tech you can use to travel smarter.

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28.Anna Everywhere

With 10 years of experience continuously travelling the world, Anna believes that there’s no need to go to the extremes such as quitting university to discover what the rest of the world has to offer. “My blog is meant to show you my experiences and explain things I’m familiar with. I’m here to prove that you can be born in an unprivileged country, suffer from chronic diseases and still live an adventurous lifestyle.”

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29.Casual Travelist

Travel casually and pretty much effortlessly with Brianna, the writer behind Casual Travelist. Her blog focuses on spending your precious vacation wisely and adding a dash of laid-back luxury to your travels.

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30.Extra Pack Of Peanuts

The founder of the Extra Pack Of Peanuts blog, Travis, together with his wife Heather have been adventuring the world and have completed a countless number bucket-list-worthy things like scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef and visiting the Great Wall of China. The couple also want to prove to people that not all travelling experiences have to be expensive.

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31.A Lady In London

Julie is an American travel blogger who left a career in finance, moved to London and has ventured off to visit foreign lands (over 104 to be precise). A Lady In London blog covers topics such as packing tips, country guides, expat life and a lot in between.

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32.Jessie On A Journey

Jessie On A Journey

Jessie on a Journey is a solo female and offbeat travel blog focused on inspiring women to get outside their comfort zones and go beyond their guidebooks. On the blog, Jessie helps you discover destinations beyond the typical sites, and provides practical and creative tips all travellers can appreciate.

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33.Green Global Travel

Bloggers behind Green Global Travel

Bret and Mary are partners in life, love, business, and adventure. They started Green Global Travel in 2010 with a passion for exploring the world's nature, wildlife, history, and indigenous cultures. Their mission is to share their deep love for Ecotourism, inspire people to travel and live more sustainably, and encourage everyone to do their part to make the world a better place.

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34.The Hostel Girl

Katie the hostel girl

The Hostel Girl is a platform: “for sharing the ways in which hostelling advances international understanding and acceptance amongst thousands, if not millions, of travellers worldwide. Regular features include hostel reviews, tips on hostel life and cultural destination articles.”

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35.Man On The Lam

Raymond from Man On The Lam blog

Raymond is the mastermind behind Man On The Lam: “Over the years I’ve come to realize that not everyone wants to quit their job and travel the world. But plenty of folks still need a bit of escape in their lives. So that’s what Man On The Lam is today. A mix of two worlds — escapes for folks who dream of travel, and escapism for folks who just need a distraction to get them through the working week and beyond.”

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36.Pommie Travels

Traveller Victoria has visited over 45 countries and she has been sharing tips on her blog, Pommie Travels, as well as documenting her experiences through videos. She can teach you how to have a more rooted life with a routine while also being an adventurer at heart.

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37.Road Affair

Ben and Jazzy

Road Affair is the travel blog of a young couple in search of a more fulfilling, adventurous, and happier life by living their dream of travelling the world. Read through destination guides, and travel advice, and find useful resources and deals hand-picked by Ben and Jazzy themselves.

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38.Just Travelous

Just Travelous is the travel blog for the chicken-hearted adventurers, for people who love to go on an adventure every now and then, but who also love their comfort zone. Yvonne shows her readers that they can do everything – if they want to do it.

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39.We Said Go Travel

Lisa Niver diving with sharks

After exploring 99 countries and sailing for seven years on the high seas, Lisa Niver is ready for more active adventures! “We Said Go Travel is a Passport to a Global Community. Get inspired by stories from every continent published by over 1600 travellers and writers.”

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Sherry has been wandering around the globe for over a decade, and has simultaneously managed Ottsworld, an informative and entertaining blog encompassing topics about travelling, life and photography as well as how to change your life and become a digital nomad.

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41.Don’t Forget To Move

Two travellers

Don't Forget To Move is an adventure travel and responsible tourism blog dedicated to showing readers how to travel authentically. It's a site for independent, adventurous travellers who love to get off the beaten track and experience real life wherever they are while also respecting the local culture and environment.

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42.Mummy Daddy And Me Makes Three

Katie is the creator of a family-oriented lifestyle and travel blog, where she posts everything from über-cute adventures with her little ones to bits and pieces from their daily lives.

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43.Girl vs. Globe

Travel blogger Sabina and hot air balloons

Sabina hails responsible travel, sustainable fashion and veggie food. She’s the founder of Girl vs. Globe, a place that teaches the masses how to fulfil their dreams without harming the planet and how to discover a way to travel that feels right.

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44.Hecktic Travels

Dalene and Pete Hack jointly create and curate the blog Hecktic Travels, filled with insights about their nomadic lifestyle and the places they’ve been to; they share heart-warming personal stories and give advice on how to cultivate happiness on the road.

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45.Wonderful Wanderings

Travel blogger Sofie in Bulgaria

Wonderful Wanderings is an English-Dutch travel blog focusing on culinary and cultural adventures around the world. Belgium-based Sofie loves wandering around cities and nature to meet people, eat local foods and see the things outside of museums and guided tours.

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46.Pause The Moment

Wherever there is a mix of the sun, sea and adventure, most likely Ryan has been there already. “On May 10th, 2010, I kicked my 9 to 5 to the curb to take a six month trip around the world. The only thing is, I never returned home. Six years later and I’m still on the road.” You can find all his adventures nicely captured in one place, at Pause The Moment.

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47.This Battered Suitcase

Travel blogger Brenna

This Battered Suitcase is not just about the where and the how of travel, it's about the who and the why. Focusing on long-form narratives about the people she's met and the places she's been, Brenna's blog covers over 92 countries and 11 years of solo travel.

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48.Bridges and Balloons

Travel Blogger Victoria having a cake

Victoria is the blogger from Bridges and Balloons, a place where you can find everything travel related “From magical treehouses to otherworldly landscapes. I love places that have a story behind them or simply knock you off your feet with their beauty – be they little coffee shops, friendly guesthouses, or hidden nooks within the city.”

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49.The Blog Abroad

Gloria is on a mission to motivate others to push their limits so that they can go on the adventure they have always dreamed of. “There’s an unequivocal education to travel that I try to encourage others to learn about, and my ultimate goal is to make you, the reader, want to jump out of your seat and hop on the next flight out to anywhere.”

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50. Hey Nadine

a Canadian travel video blogger Nadine

Nadine is a Canadian travel video blogger and storyteller. Her passion for travel and love for comedy is contagious and she loves sharing the destinations she visits through funny videos and blog posts that teach and inspire others to follow their travel dreams!

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51.P.S. I’m On My Way

Travel blogger Trisha and a bright orange wall

Trisha is one of those people who left their comfortable life to travel the world and learn about life. Her style is to stay in one place she likes for 3 months (or more) to know what it feels like to eat, cook, speak and sleep in another culture that isn’t hers. She likes to believe that she is not traditionally travelling but rather choosing to be somewhere else all the time.

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52.Globe Guide

Tamara Elliott

Tamara Elliott is a travel writer based in Calgary, Canada, and the founder of the website Globe Guide. The popular travel website offers savvy tips for exploring destinations around the world while showcasing unique experiences and specializes in travel hacks.

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53.Emily Luxton Travels

Emily Luxton

Emily Luxton's personal travel blog is about adventure, travelling solo as a female, and personal development through this process. Championing a deeper, slower travel style where possible, Emily tries to really get to know each new destination and encourage others to do the same.

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Travel blogger Gareth Leonard holding a baby kangaroo

Gareth Leonard is a marketing director turned travel blogger and videographer with a passion for slow, meaningful travel. He has spent the past eight years travelling and living in various locations around the world adopting a different concept than most – travel deeper. Gareth sets out to truly understand foreign communities through the people and culture that define them.

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55.Department Of Wandering

Travel blogger Rachel in a car

The Department Of Wandering is a travel and lifestyle blog for design-savvy trailblazers looking to take bold, new paths. The blog was born in 2014 as a creative outlet for founder, Rachel, when she was living in one of the most exciting cities in Europe (Berlin) but coping with the soul-sucking drudgery of a 9-5. Now it has since evolved into a trusted hub of advice, inspiration, travel tips and tales.

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56.Wanderlust Chloe

Wanderlust Chloe

Wanderlust Chloe is a blog for travellers who have a passion for fun, food, style, adventure and memorable moments, with a touch of luxury. From foodie adventures in New Orleans to volcano boarding in Nicaragua and exploring Indonesia, Chloe is constantly inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.

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57.Girl Tweets World

Girl Tweets World in Tokyo

Jayne is the owner and editor of Girl Tweets World, an affordable luxury travel blog, which offers down-to-earth advice on boutique hotels, the best airlines and trendy eateries around the world. Jayne also shares insights into her life as a British expat in Australia as well as advice for budding bloggers.

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58.Inside The Travel Lab

Abigail King in New York City

Inside the Travel Lab follows Abigail King, a writer and photographer who swapped a career as a doctor for a life on the road. Through unusual journeys and thoughtful luxury travel, she prompts us to take a look at the world through fresh eyes.

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59.The Travelista

travel-expert Jess Gibson

The Travelista was created in March 2013 by travel-expert Jess Gibson. The blog features savvy city guides, destination advice posts, snappy travel 'listicles' and boutique hotel reviews. The Travelista is the ultimate online destination for stylish travel inspiration.

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60.Bohemian Trails

Bohemian Trails combines Megan’s two biggest passions: words and travel. “Bohemian Trails is what it is today—a resource for savvy and stylish travellers. My hope is that my personal trail of inspiration will inspire you to find your own. Now, let’s get beautifully lost!”

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61.The Boho Chica

Dubai-based blogger Natasha finds comfort in the often tumultuous and unpredictable nature of travelling. “I hope my stories will make you want to get out, explore and live your own crazy adventures.”

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62.This Is The Place I Was Telling You About

R’el Dade and Marcus Lloyd are New York transplants and the authors of the blog This Is The Place I Was Telling You About - the ultimate stop for those readers interested in exploring new places to stay, shop, eat and get caffeine high.

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63.Teacake Travels

Alice from Teacake Travels

Teacake Travels is encouraging women to face their fears, push their boundaries and reach their full potential through solo female adventure travel.

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64.Where’s Mollie?

Where’s Mollie? is a lifestyle and travel blog capturing the moments of a 20-something adventurer’s life: “I see this blog as my little space on the Internet to share my adventures, share my knowledge, share my creations and inspire you guys to go out there and follow YOUR dreams.”

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65.The Common Wanderer

An Australian couple, Mark and Miranda, traded their office jobs for a life full of adventure: “We created The Common Wanderer to share some of the incredible, humbling, exciting places and human stories we discovered during our travels, and hope that through them, you’re inspired to be a wanderer too.“

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66.Charlie On Travel

Charlie is a slow travel blogger at Charlie On Travel. Charlie is also a house sitter, which means she gets to live more like a local. Together with her partner Luke, they get the opportunity to look after houses in the most amazing locations around the world. This way the couple share their experiences of what it’s like to actually live there.

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67.Travel Dave

Dave Brett continues sharing his adventures from the road on his blog Travel Dave. There he features travel tips and advice, inspirational stories, travel videos and photography that will inspire and help you plan your next trip abroad.

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68.World On A Whim

Travel bligger Jennifer from World On A Whim blog

Hailing from Los Angeles, Jennifer started her travels in 2009 during her time studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain. She created the travel blog to provide people with just enough detailed information so that when they do take that trip, they can make it a spontaneous one.

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69.Travelling Weasels

Laura and Tanbay

Laura and Tanbay 'weaselled' their way out of the rat-race in 2013 to travel the world together full-time. Since then they've visited over 40 countries and started three businesses together. They are currently living in Budapest and learning one of the hardest languages in the world.

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70.SilverSpoon London

Angie Silver

SilverSpoon London by Angie Silver is a stylish blog fusing London life, foodie adventures, and luxury travel. Angie gives the low-down on London’s hottest new restaurants as well as cool and inspiring destinations globally.

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71.Anita Hendrieka

Anita Hendrieka

Anita is a Kiwi travel blogger with a passion for travelling and inspiring others to explore the beautiful world we live in. She has been blogging over at Anita Hendrieka since 2011 where she talks about her experiences while travelling and gives advice to people looking for an adventure!

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72.Watch Me See

Travel blogger Kathi in Scotland

Kathi moved to Scotland in 2013 and she thinks that everybody should visit this beautiful country at least once. The blogger is also taking her love for Northern destinations a step further by soon launching her own travel planning service. “I started Watch Me See in March 2016 as a platform to inspire and facilitate travel to Scotland, but also other destinations in the far north of the world. Hope you join me on my adventures!”

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73.Beer and Beans

Say hi to Beth and Randy from the Beer and Beans blog: “Our blog is all about providing inspiration for your own journeys no matter how big or small. We love documenting the world around us, seeking out eclectic travel moments and inspiring others to live the life they desire. Our preferred travel style is to go slow and bring Chachy, our little 10-pound hound! We also love volunteering on the road, especially at organic farms.”

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74.Virtual Wayfarer

Virtual Wayferer Alex smiling

10 years ago Alex from the blog Virtual Wayfarer set out on a three-month solo trip through Europe, and in 2011 he moved to Copenhagen. “I've been authoring Virtual Wayfarer ever since with a focus on sharing stories, musings, and advice through a visually and narratively rich format.”

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75.The Viennese Girl

Travel Blogger the Viennese girl Silia

Originally from Greece, Silia went to Vienna for a three-month German language course back in 2011, and she has stayed there ever since. The Viennese Girl is permeated with love for the city as well as visually appealing snaps and stories from Silia’s journeys.

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76.The Travelling Light

The Travelling Light is a spot where Katie shares all things beautiful but not necessarily easily to notice when one is journeying the world: “This is an edited collection of special, sometimes secret, places to visit around the world. These are some beginnings for your journeys, so you can provide your own endings.”

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77.Little Miss Katy

London-based Katy has been recording her interest in food and travelling at Little Miss Katy. If you’re hunting for recommendations on personal style, what to see and do in various cities, or easy-to-cook recipes, it’s an advisable place to start.

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78.Every Footstep An Adventure

Every Footstep An Adventure travel blogger

Every Footstep An Adventure is a travel blog aimed at inspiring and motivating others to step outside their comfort zone and go on new adventures in this beautiful world. Here you will find a collection of personal stories, destination guides, travel advice, and more!

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79.Great Wide Somewhere

Travel blogger Michelle and a small globe

The Great Wide Somewhere is a travel blog focusing on budget to mid-range travel. The author Michelle provides readers with detailed itinerary ideas, inspiration, and experienced advice. Her posts help keep travellers organised and encourage readers to make the most of their travel experiences.

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80.Soul Travel Blog

Soul Travel Blog Ellie in Mumbai

Soul Travel Blog provides inspiration and tips that make sustainable travel easy. Ellie believes that travel is one of the best opportunities we have in life for learning: about ourselves, others, and the world we live in, and that it is possible to travel in a way that not only has a positive impact on ourselves, but also a positive impact on the countries we visit and the people we meet along the way.

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81.The Curious Creature

Travel blogger Solmaz and a city view

The Curious Creature is a blog where travellers and gluttons unite to be inspired. Founded in 2013, it's headed up by Solmaz — a full-time blogger and social media influencer based in Toronto, Canada. Having travelled to more than 35 countries, her ultimate goal is to break down barriers to unfamiliar lands and to inspire people to explore new destinations.

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82.Miss Adventures Abroad

Travel addict Catalina eating ice cream

Catalina is a former tour guide, a travel addict, and a brunch lover behind Miss Adventures Abroad. “I'm on a mission to live a life of adventure. I have visited 23 countries, 6 continents, and counting! I love sharing my travels and tips on my blog. When I'm not updating my corner of the Internet, you can find me planning my next (miss) adventure, consuming way too much gelato, or chasing after the pigeons of Florence.”

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83.The Fly Away Life

Kassie is a native New Englander who was bitten by a travel bug and 23 countries later, she still hasn’t found a cure for it. “I love how travel opens up your world to so many possibilities and can bring so much perspective to your daily life. I’ve chosen to live a life filled with travel, and I have created this blog to hopefully inspire others to do so as well!”

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84.Urban Pixxels

Jacintha is the word and photography guru behind Urban Pixxels which is: “all about travel inspiration and information for the traveller who wants to explore the most interesting destinations in the world, prefers design boutique hotels over hostels, and likes travel photos and videos more than reading about it.”

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85.Adventures Around Scotland

Adventures in Scotland travel blog

Adventures Around Scotland is a travel blog with a mixture of fun, practical and inspiring ideas for your trip to this beautiful land. It is not another guide simply listing the must see attractions, instead it is full of first-hand accounts, honest reviews, hidden gems and useful information from someone that lives here.

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86.Fab Meets World

Fab Meets World travel blogger

Fab Meets World combines Fabio's love of food, travel-friendly technology, exploring new cultures and meeting new people all over the world.

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87.Candids by Jo

Native Bostonian Jo describes her blog as her creative space for “inspiration and food & travel tips", and as Jo so eloquently puts it “I strive to provide a better sense of place with stories from the field through photography, videos and cinemagraphs.”

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88.Twins That Travel

Claire and Laura are the sister duo passionate about photography and travel. “We launched our travel blog, Twins That Travel, in July 2014, over two cheese sandwiches. Our Dad regularly points out that our name is grammatically incorrect, but sadly for him ‘TTT’ stuck, and now occupies its own small corner of the Internet.”

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89.Miss Everywhere

Created by a German blogger Mareen, Miss Everywhere offers insights into some of the most exotic destinations and presents you with the hottest travel trends. “I invite you to follow me around and hopefully I can give you some inspiration for your next trip.”

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90.Isabelle’s Travel Guide

Isabelle shares her knowledge about destinations through a collection of her own trips. This way she aspires to motivate others to see what’s out there. “There’s nothing I love more than travelling the world, camera in hand, experiencing new adventures and discovering new destinations.”

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91.My Travel Monkey

Ting Dalton

Ting Dalton started My Travel Monkey to document her adventures with her husband and son. Since then, she has a new member of the family, and is rediscovering what it is like to travel with a young baby again. The blog is all about inspiring families to travel both at home and abroad – offering tips, reviews and guides, as well as showcasing exciting destinations and attractions.

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92.Silver Stories

Silver Stories blogger Caroline

Silver Stories is a personal travel and lifestyle blog showing you the best, most hip places to visit all over the world. The blog also shares the lifestyle of a young girl living between Berlin, Copenhagen and New York City, journeying as an easy jet-setter and digital nomad.

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93.Six Year Gap Year

Six Year Gap Year travel blogger on a beach

Six Year Gap Year is a travel blog that focuses on long term, budget and solo travel. It’s a collection of stories, advice and photography from one girl avoiding adulthood by travelling the world.

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94.The Freedom Travellers

Travellers next to graffiti art

“At the beginning of 2014, we quit our jobs to live a life of FREEDOM and CHOICE…and we haven’t looked back! We started The Freedom Travellers as a passion project and now we get to share our adventures from around the world in the hope that we will inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and see more of our big beautiful planet!”

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95.Dalton Banks

One can easily sense that Vicky from Dalton Banks has a weak spot for delicious food: “I love to cook and to eat out and nearly every trip I plan revolves around where to find the best food! Here you'll find foodie recommendations, recipes inspired by my travels and dining experiences together with some top travel tips.”

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96.The Lost Girl’s Guide To Finding The World

Travel blogger Ashlyn from Saskatoon

From summiting mountains over 6000 metres and encountering avalanches and erupting volcanoes along the way to flying in a military jet with the Canadian Forces Snowbirds (for fun), Ashlyn’s taste for unique adventures has carried her around the world with a suitcase full of stories to share. Having visited more than 55 countries, Ashlyn blogs and creates travel content at The Lost Girl's Guide to Finding the World.

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A 25-year-old Australian Hayley with her partner in crime Kyle invite you to follow their journey: “Kyle and I travelled all over Europe in an old converted camper van, covering over 25 countries!”

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98.The Barefoot Vagabond

The Barefoot Vagabond travel blogger

Delivered with a dash of humour and grounded in personal experience, the site aims to inform and entertain those that can spare a few seconds to take a look. “More than just a recount of my adventures, I aim to strike a chord with like-minded travellers that enjoy surfing, good food and the beauty found in small moments. If you’re not a fan of shoes and love to wake up with a smile then this is the site for you!”

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99.Globetrotting Blonde

Introducing Fiorella who runs the travel blog Globetrotting Blonde. She’s a student and full-time worker turned budget-traveller and blogger. “I share with you detailed tips and guides on how to affordably travel the world. When people think of travel they think of 5-star all-inclusive resorts, and while there is nothing wrong with that, I like to prove that seeing the world doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.”

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100.The Russian Abroad

Traveller Olga from the Russian Abroad Ttravel blog

The Russian Abroad is a travel blog run by Olga Rabo, a Russian from Latvia who is currently residing in Berlin. The blog is for those who have full-time jobs on the side and who are avid adventurers with the appreciation for slow travel. Advocating the idea of "less is more", The Russian Abroad is a resource for those looking to have perhaps less frequent, but higher quality travels.

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